Some people may think, ‘What’s the point in this? How’s this going to do me any good? I mean it’s just a ball!’

My advice would be to give it a try and I think you will be surprised on the muscles you’ve never worked. You will end up using the same muscles all the time whilst doing your usual exercises but with the ball, just parking your bum on it will force you to correct yourself, as it wobbles and uses the deep, inner muscles. So you’re working out whilst sitting down, as such.

Doing certain exercises can help you if you have a had back injuries and it can also help prevent others from having back injuries in the future.
It is worth knowing that 8 out of 10 people will have lower-back pain at some point in their lives, so maybe you should give the ball a re-think.

What are the benefits?

1. Core stability – this strengthens the spine, it’s muscles around it and your deep abdominals
2. Posture – deals with muscle imbalances, builds your strength and postural alignment to prevent back injuries
3. Flexibility/Mobility – to revitalise your entire body and helps relax you too. You may be fit but you’re only getting the best out of your usual routines, your not working your whole body
4. Tight or Stiff? – it helps to improve your range of motion, which will make you more supple and able to move more flexibly. So, say goodbye to being stiff!

Some people may be sceptical about giving up their weight routines, exercise classes and any other general workouts. However, you may be pleasantly surprised that you can still use weights whilst using the ball and get a great workout; this also adds variety to your routine, as your body can become bored with the same things.

If you’re going to use weights, be careful! You don’t want to be using your usual weights, especially if they’re heavy, as you may find yourself in the middle of the historic event, ‘The Big Bang’.

Only kidding  The ball is much more durable than people think, but the weights do need to be slightly lighter than you’re used to as it’s not a fixed bench, it is an unstable base and your form will be compromised and so will your exercise.

If you’re not experienced or have minimal experience then stick to no weights in the beginning. If you’re pregnant or injured, do not use weights.


1. Always check that it says ‘Anti-burst’
2. Avoid working on slippery surfaces
3. Stop if it’s too much or causes you pain
4. Keep away from steps, heaters and anything sharp
5. Don’t go for cheap varieties
6. If unsure about anything, consult your doctor and/or your personal trainer

Here's a quick video for you to give a taster.

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