Circuit training? Don’t panic! It’s nothing to do with electrics and wires; it’s more to do with you and your mother than motherboards.

Circuits can also be urilised to improve your chosen sport
To put it simple, it is a series of varied exercises where you work at your own pace (which can vary in intensity) for a set amount of time per station or where you stick to a certain amount of reps per station. There will be no time for ‘tea and biscuits’ as you have to keep going from station to station with little or no rest in between. It’s a bit like a typical London day, hopping from one train to the tube and so on.

It basically keeps your heart pumping and working at a certain percentage in order for you to lose weight and improve your aerobic fitness and muscular strength/endurance.

Circuits may not suit everyone but it appears to have become the basis for all new recruits to go through in the army. So, if you want to be as fit as an army lad, or is that ‘as fit as a butchers dog?’ then why not give them a go!

Below is a basic circuit:
Warm up – 5-10 mins any warm up of your choice e.g treadmill/cross trainer
Body Part:

(1 min per station the rest depends on your fitness you can rest short e.g: 24sec-1min periods or slightly longer e.g: 1-2mins but don’t rest too long)
Upper : Bench Press
Lower: Squat
Cardio: Skipping
Core: Crunch

(When resting keep loose and re-hydrate)

Upper: Shoulder Press
Lower: Lunge
Cardio: Jog
Core: Plank

If avaliable throw in a bit of bag work

Upper: Upright Row
Lower: Weighted step up
Cardio: Boxing bag
Core: Crunch on stability ball

Upper: Dips feet on floor hands on bench
Lower: Hamstring Curl
Cardio: Treadmill
Core: Twists
Cool-down 5-10 mins then utilise a stretching programme designed by a personal trainer . You can create a variety of circuits that involve bodyweight, free-weights, polymeric/sprints/hurdles and so on. So use your imagination and let the creativity flow or design a circuit that is specific to your chosen sport.

Pick a CV exercise that is enjoyable but at the same Time challenging

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