by Storm Newton

The road to getting great abs can be like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. If you’ve ever tried, you know it’s hard work. And sometimes, it can be emotionally draining and frustrating. Does this sound familiar to you -- countless hours of crunches that do little to show the definition you deserve, and leg lifts that feel like you’re working more of your lower back then your abdominals?

So you wonder -- is a six pack or a lean tummy something that I can achieve? Am I capable of it? When I first attempted to get sculpted abs, I used to asked myself that question many times. So I want you to know that I understand your pain and I hear your frustration. Maybe you have found yourself putting more time into cardio workouts -- doing stairs, using the elliptical, running on the treadmill, running outside (uphill, backwards, sideways and even sprinting) -- yet the desired results seem to allude you. So another question arises: is it genetics that has held me back? Well, I too asked this same question. I looked at and analyzed my mother and father to see if it was even possible. My dad was in the military and worked out all the time; he never had a six pack. My mother was a college athlete but I don't remember seeing definition on her either. It seemed hopeless, and besides, having genetics to blame was an easy way for me to give up.

But then, I thought of something that I had been ignoring all along... my diet.

I thought that with all of the hard work that I had been putting in, I could eat whatever I wanted. Surely, hours and hours of exercise would overcome any little piece of food I wanted to consume, right? The answer is a loud, resounding NO (at the time it wasn’t loud and resounding, but I had to consider the truth of it).

I stepped back and looked at myself honestly and saw the layer of fat that was still housing my abs, and I said it's time to change. So I acted on my new-found clarity and changed my diet. It was as if like magic, I kid you not, that my body responded overnight. Within one week the layer of fat seemed to melt away and the definition in my abs grew clearer. And by two weeks the six pack I had always wanted was on the horizon. (The picture on the right is one of the first print jobs I got when I started getting definition in my abs).

So with that said, you can do crunches until you break and run until you fall, but unless your diet is in order you will continually come up short. Hard work is necessary but it's not all that's needed. I would say that 65% is your diet and 35% is exercise, so keep that in mind when you feel like your body has hit a wall and remember to be honest with yourself and ask the question, am I doing all that I can? Be honest with yourself. Make some changes, and stick with it. And I promise you will achieve your goal of getting great abs.

Stay healthy and live happy!

Storm Newton

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