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Since Graduating from Keble College, Oxford University, with an Honors Degree, Shaun has been working as a full time Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer. Being involved at a high level of sport, representing Blues and National sides for both rugby and athletics, and competing in 5 varsity matches, Shaun became fascinated with the effects of quality training and nutrition on the physical system.

This passion has lead to accreditation with numerous boards, and positions held with London Irish RFU and the England RFU Academy program, instructing and developing promising athletes. In addition, Shaun has been operating as a successful personal trainer with over 5 years experience with health club members, celebrities, and private clients.

He currently holds Advanced Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications, the sought after Poliquin PICIP Level 1 and 2 Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certificates, and the YMCA Exercise for the Disabled User Award. He is also a qualified Circuits Instructor, and EKI Kettlebell Instructor and SAQ License holder, in addition to having a Self-Myofascial Release certificate through Premier Training International. He is fully first aid trained and CPR proficient, and currently holds REPS Level 3 Status.

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I often get the complaint from my clientele that their job, and the lifestyle forced upon them by it, really holds them back when it comes to hitting their fitness goals. The culture of long hours and even longer lunches wrecks the chances of that beach-body they crave so badly. The ‘packed-lunch solution’ that is often so key to progressing with your health and fitness goals doesn’t really apply, and eating out in restaurants will inevitably make up a sizable chunk of their weekly meals.

However, help is at hand, and here are some quick fire tips and tricks to make eating out less of an impact on your long term goal of beach super-stardom.

1) Think Ahead

I have yet to come across a restaurant that doesn’t have something suitable on the menu. But to make sure, why not book the restaurant yourself? Keep a look out for the ‘healthier option’ menu cards, and if you find a good one, put it on speed dial. Then, when that ‘Lets do Lunch’ time comes around, not only will you get the brownie points for booking the place, but you’ll know what to order to keep your waistline trim.

2) Make the Smart Choice.

You would have heard this a million times before, but it is worth taking into account when ordering. At least 70% of the population are physically intolerant to starchy carbohydrates. There is always steak, chicken or other meats on the menu. The problem arises in the preparation, with chefs nearly always cramming in additives. Ask the waiter to put all sauces on the side, as they are one of the many sources of hidden carbs that can catch you out.

3) Go Green

This isn’t a new tree-hugging Tory policy being banded around on the campaign trail, but a simple way to get on with squeezing the goodness into your diet. Order a salad with your meat and get balsamic vinegar and/or oil to make sure that you evade additives. Restaurants often add sugar to Caesar and other dressings for taste, whereas balsamic vinegar will actually lower the glycemic index by up to 20%. And ask for your salad to come with the main meal. If it does come early, put it aside and eat it after you eat your meat. That will insure optimal digestion, as to break down meat requires an acidic stomach and the salad will dampen this.

4) Drink Up

When the waiter comes round with the dessert menu, opt out. But this doesn’t mean others can’t indulge. When they are chewing through their fudge double choc brownies, and getting further and further away from suitable beach form, still be a part of the dinner by taking in a coffee. Keep it black with no sugars, and remember it is rich in poly-phenols, the things that help you to improve your insulin sensitivity. Also, whenever you have water, add a dash of lemon or lime to help alkalise the blood and reduce the amount of cortisol you can produce.

Eating out especially with work colleagues and clients can be a nightmare, but follow these simple guidelines and keep firmly on track to that beach body and hopefully bag that killer bonus too!

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