Christina Rose is a NY based actress who has been working professionally for the past 8 years in film, tv, theatre, and commercials. She has kindly given this interview :)

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself

A: A little fun fact about myself is that I was born in Naples, Italy. I lived there for three years and then moved to Michigan with my with my family which is where I lived for most of my life before moving to NYC about five years ago. My entire family has the performance bug, and I think that’s where I get it . My father and mother are both music teachers and my three sisters are also very talented. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive loving family.

Q: Being an actress/model how important is it for you to stay in great shape?

A: EXTREMELY important!  I am the product that I am selling. This includes the entire package of talent, body, soul, and mind. The first thing that a casting director sees when I walk into an audition is the way that I look. My body has to be in tip top condition for the types of roles that I am being seen for. I’ve also worked as a professional dancer and I can’t stress enough how important my physical ability is while working in this field.

Q: What is your favorite type of training and why?

A: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pilates. It’s my new addiction. I take Pilates at my gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s an hour long class, and I always walk out feeling amazing! It is the best core workout that I have found to date. Pilates works out your entire body but has an emphasis on the core which I really enjoy. I also take a Total Body Workout Class on Tuesday and Thursday Evening. I really enjoy this class because it focuses on weight training. I’ve always had a fast metabolism and sometimes come across skinny. This is why I take the weight lifting classes in order to become toned and athletic looking rather then slim.

Q: How would you describe your daily diet?

A: I’ve currently been looking at my diet a little differently. I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater and have always chosen fruits and veggies over sweets. However, I had a recent interest in raw foods. I love meat and am not interested in becoming a vegetarian, vegan, or Raw Food specialist. However, I’ve recently been intrigued by the fact that the closer we get to the original state of food the better it is for us. The less processed we can get our food the better. I’ve been making smoothies and cooking more veggies then ever recently. I will do my best to hit the farmers markets as often as I can.
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Q: Does being in shape help with physically demanding roles?

A: Most definitely. My last two films both required me to be in top physical condition. In one of my films, ‘Death of the Dead (2010)’ my character ‘Wanda’ transforms from a gawky physically awkward nerd to a confident kick-ass zombie slayer. The transformation to Sexy Wanda required martial arts and weapon training. The physical strength that I acquired through gym class made training for the film so much more attainable. My latest film ‘How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song’ (2011) is a movie musical. I play the lead role, ‘Evey’, who is a professional dancer and actress. This was very physically demanding. Not only did I have to be extremely agile to nail the choreography for the film but the director also wanted ‘Evey’ to be in great shape.

Q: How do you manage to keep yourself motivated?

A: My career is so focused on image that I really can’t afford to not be motivated . My motivation is that I will book more work if I am in tip top condition. Not only is it physically better for me, but also mentally. When I feel confident and sexy that is when I do the best work.

Q: How many types of training have you tried and what would you say works best for you?

A: Wow, I can’t even remember how many different types of training I’ve had. I’ve been physically active for as long as I can remember. This started when I was young being on the volleyball team and softball team, moving into cheerleading and then dance team. I was also in dance studios all of my life. It was in college when I decided to take my first shot at the gym. I was in a dance company in college, so going to the gym made me realize how much stronger and controlled a dancer I could be with the extra strength. After college I began working professionally, and continued to use the gym regularly. I grew to love kickboxing, pilates, and weight training. The combination of these various training styles all work very well for my body.

Q: How often do you train?

A: My aim is generally six days a week for about an hour each time. I can’t always hit the gym depending on my acting schedule, however, I do my best to keep it consistent. A regular workout routine is the key to success.

Q: We see many actors/actresses slimming down and putting weight on for certain roles do you believe in this method? What are your views when fitness coincides with acting?

A: I have to say I’m with the actors on this one. I’m 100% for totally becoming the character. I would absolutely gain or lose weight for a specific role. The beautiful thing is that the actors that are losing this weight for a big budget film also have personal trainers and dieticians working with them every day to make sure they are doing this the right way. To do something like this on your own is very risky and dangerous. I wouldn’t suggest doing it for a role unless you have the professional help. If the film budget is paying for a nutritionist and physical trainer to get you through the process I’m all for it! To be honest, I’d love the challenge! 

Q: What is the future for Christina Rose and were can we find you?

A: I am currently traveling around at various premieres for the film ‘Death of the Dead’, and I have a few other films out right now available on DVD. I’m also very excited for the Feature Length Movie Musical coming out next year called ‘How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song’. I encourage people to go to my website and facebook Fan Page to see my past, current, and future projects! I’m excited to announce that I have also been cast in a psychological thriller that will be shooting in 2011 with filmmaker Gary King.

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