You can stop holding your breath from excitement. The only thing you might rip by the weekend are your shorts. How can I trim my stomach? How can I lose the fat behind my arms? I don't want to lose weight I just want to get toned? These are some of the questions I get on a regular basis. Are you wondering the same thing? I don't blame people for asking because there is a misconception about how our bodies work. It doesn't help when we are bombarded by headlines reading “lose belly fat in 5 minutes”..."trim those arms in 30 seconds"...."get ripped by the weekend” when it's already Wednesday. I kind of struggle with this term “toning” because as a female I get it – you want to look firm and fit but not big. I'll let you down easy ladies. You won't get big. Not even if you tried. You might feel big and seem big but you're not. At least not from resistance training. But you might be from poor eating and sleeping habits. So when someone tells me they eat "healthy" it means nothing to me without a food journal. Food labels lie. An apple doesn't.

I haven't trained with somebody who has consistently followed an exercise program and made honest and appropriate alterations to their diet and not seen results. If you think you are doing both consistently with no significant results then you need to get everything down on paper and have a good look at it. Your workouts, your food, your sleep – record it. Nothing is as convincing as seeing it in writing. And getting through a workout isn't a free pass to extra goodies. I personally don't believe in treating one self with food. Find something better. You can savour it, enjoy it, experiment with it and celebrate around it but in relation to exercise food is fuel and not a reward system.

And as far as exercise is concerned there's no babying the issue. You either exercise or you don't. Exercise with purpose. If you're not sweating, if you're not challenged it's not a workout. If you're walking to the mailbox and back it's not a workout. Taking the kiddies for a bike ride is nice – but it's not a workout. Walking the dog is great for the soul but it's not a workout unless your dog weighs 80 lbs and you need to carry it, drag it or race it. Actually talking to a client recently I realise that trying to teach a human sized animal to run with you is a workout in itself. OK so you get points for that. And I don't even want to hear anyone tell me that they are too old, too tired or too anything. Don't even think about it. You're all those things because you don't exercise. I have a 75 year old client who started to lift at 71. When I hear 40 somethings fulfilling the expectation of the spare tire and assuming that its just the way it is?! I say spare me. No you're not twenty but you're not dead either. I refuse to give into this. It doesn't have to be this way if you don't want it to be this way. Which takes me back to previous blog. Comfort. How uncomfortable are you willing to get. Nothing worth anything comes easy. My response to someone who asked the million dollar question was to exercise consistently, resistance train and to clean up their diet. This was my response last week, last year, and the year before that. Sure science shows us new, exciting and amazing findings every day but as complex as science can be, for the average person looking to lose a few pounds and get in shape it's pretty simple. Sorry, folks, but you have to diet and exercise.

enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.

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