Q what made you wanna become a bodybuilder
A I was always pretty strong as a kid compared to others and very hyper too. I used to love watching Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk and became fascinated from then. I didn’t actually start bodybuilding until my late teens after being involved in various other sports from athletics to football and racket sports. Bodybuilding was a sport I could do by myself. Playing tennis by myself got a bit boring. Every serve was an ace.

Q when training a client how do you keep them motivated
A The way to keep them motivated is to show them definite results by working them hard and consistently. Give constant reminders of their goals and how close they are getting to them. Don’t be afraid to give negative (but constructive) feed back too so they keep up the enthusiasm to succeed

Q what is your greatest achievement to date
A That is quiet a broad question. In bodybuilding it has always been the ability to get myself up on stage in good condition and of course all the wins I’ve achieved over the years. I have a lot of lifting achievements inside the gym too that I’m proud of.

In TV and film I suppose being part of the return of Gladiators was a big achievement. I am hoping for many more great achievements that will eclipse that and others prior to that. I have a very big 12 months coming up so who knows.

Q what are your fav and least fav exercises
A My favourite exercise has always been the free squats. I love going heavy.
My least favourite is possibly the deadlift. I hate going heavy.

Q what is your best and worst experiences in training
A My best experience was the times I’ve managed to put in a heavy 8-plate squat (340kg). One of the worst experiences was damaging my back on a little 5-plate squat and being out for around one year. But my shoulder injury was even worse leaving me unable to train to my full potential for over two years.

Q being a gladiator/bodybuilder is there a lot of pressure to keep in shape
A Absolutely none whatsoever. Well that is none from myself but as a bodybuilder when you achieve a certain level everyone expects you to always be at that level. Unfortunately you have your ups and downs and interruptions like time and injuries but I always know I have the ability to get back on track. Of course I would never let myself get really out of shape but if I put on a little bit of fat there is no problem as it will soon come off. If I have a project or a show I give myself enough time to get into shape.

Q if you were to pick a specific exercise that holds the most benefit what would that be
A There are a few. For back t-bar rows, chest incline db, biceps hammer curls, shoulders side laterals. A combination of mass and shaping exercises are what’s most important in my workouts.

Q what is your ideal diet made of and is it paramount to your training
A When I’m off season I am quiet relaxed with my eating habits. Even though I tend to eat a bit of what would be classed as unhealthy foods due to my training routine these calories are very quickly burnt off. The vast majority of my food intake even off season will be healthy low fat with high protein and carbs. Mainly consisting of chicken and fish both white and oily fish. I don’t eat red meat. Carbs mainly consist of rice, potatoes, cous cous, bulgar wheat and some pasta all mostly of the brown variety. I get my fats from my foods as it would be very rare for me to add while cooking. These will be from the fish and also the chicken and other general foods.

Q do you use the same discipline in bodybuilding in your acting
A Well not really. I’m a lot more controlled in my acting where as in bodybuilding I need to have a certain amount of aggression for the heavy workouts.

Q what is the toughest part of training
A Reminding myself I’m not in my 20’s anymore. But training in general is as tough as you want to make it. If you want to make it tough then you have to prepare for it by making sure you’re properly fuelled before and also making sure you aid recovery with the help of your diet and plenty of rest after. It should still be tough but if you get it correct you will recover easier for the next workout.

Q how do you keep yourself motivated
A By results and my overall look. I still have a lot of goals in life in general. Keeping my health is one. Keeping my look is another. My bodybuilding directly ties in with my acting. My motivation is achieving my goals and in acting it’s very difficult to get a foot hold so my bodybuilding helps to set me aside from most although not all. So really I’m motivated by being different than most.

Q if there was one piece of advice you could give readers what would it be
A Consistency. It’s not about going into the gym and going mad for few weeks or months and then stopping. It’s about making it part of your varied lifestyle. Set goals and move towards them steadily through consistent workouts

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