The kettlebell? Who would have thought that a cannonball with a handle would be such a phenomenal fitness tool?!

As you continuously search for something new, fun and exciting to try or incorporate into your workout/routine don’t count out this nifty piece of kit.

This fitness phenomenon has well and truly survived through the ages and has recently come back into fruition. The kettlebell is widely used for a variety of areas in the health fitness and sports world. They have been known to be incorporated in sports specific training such as Mixed Martial Arts and Special Forces provision. As well as this, they have become a firm favourite of celebrities looking to add muscle and shed fat for their latest film role. strength/endurance/flexibility/power are all by-products of kettlebell training. Who wouldn’t want to at least give the good old kettlebell a try? Generations of Siberians have had success and so could you!
A little history...

When you join the gym just take a look around and ask yourself what are these machines? Well when you get inducted you will be aware of what the machines do - their purpose/function. You will also notice fancy machines and other high tech stuff - this is a present gym in evolution. Gyms are constantly evolving, trying their best to bring more clients with more high tech machines and gizmos. So from time to time it’s always good to take a step or two back and remember that training can be simplistic. The return of the humble kettlebell has proved to be a revolution.

Prior to the eighteenth century there was speculation and confusion as to the correct origins of the kettlebell. We can look back to Soviet Russia and evidence suggests that their special forces utilised the training of kettlebells to get the advantage against their foes. They credited their amazing strength to the incorporation kettlebells into their training drills. As we look even further back we can see similar shaped weights to kettlebells existed and were used as great fitness tools. The great gladiators of the past have been drawn training with these kettlebell shaped weights. History really does document that this handy piece of kit has not only survived the test of time but has indeed evolved and flourished as a staple part of any good exercise programme.

What are the benefits?

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about what these things can really do for you.
• Weight loss – The kettlebell causes high calorie burn and can lower your body fat percentage. Through a good hard session you can be expected to torch a good 1200-1300 calories per hour. I have and you can too.

• Core – Whilst using the kettlebell you engage those all important stabilizing muscles as they activate during the exercise.

• Muscular endurance – a high number of repetitions can be performed with the kettlebells which will add to endurance whilst also giving the benefit of improvement in your C.V capacity twice the bang.

• Flexibility – you can really take things further with the kettlebell as it is able to move through a wider range of motion that traditional exercises cannot quite reach. This therefore takes your flexibility into the extended range of motion improving your current level.

• Strength + Power – the kettlebell also promotes strength by forcing the bodies central nervous system to adapt itself to the extra pressure/stimuli it is under and creates power with its vigorous active motion. There are specific moves that enable you to really challenge your strength and power.

• Hypertrophy – by providing different stimuli for the muscles the kettlebell can cause hypertrophy due to the resistance/tension the muscles are under.

These are some pretty awesome benefits so why not mix it up and grab yourself a kettlebell and join the craze. A really portable tool for great workouts anywhere at any time, the kettlebell is an extremely flexible piece of equipment. Here are a few examples of the vast array of exercises available: -

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The pass round

Great for the beginner and as a warm up.  Simply pass the KB around the body and repeat both ways.

Figure of eight

For this move simply pass the KB through the legs using a figure of eight motion around the legs and repeat in the opposite direction. 

The swing

Firstly master the form and technique! Standing over the KB squat down and deadlift the weight up (using both hands) to a standing position keeping your spine in a neutral position.  Next comes the swing.......so utilising your hips swing (push the swing through the hips)the KB through the legs and up til shoulder height then repeat the motion for your desired repetition range. 

Shoulder press

The KB can be used to isolate spesific muscle groups.  The shoulder press is easily done by simply getting the KB into position as with a dumbell and pressing it upwards.

Swing + Change

The swing and change is a little more advanced.  So as with the KB swing begin the swinging motion and when ready let go with one of your hands making sure the other hand is swinging the KB on its own.  Try to keep the little finger upwards  so your hand is slightly twisted outwards this is to prevent you hitting your knees with the KB.  Once you have mastered the one hand get ready for the swing.  As the KB is in motion at the top of the movement turn the hands as if clapping and pass the KB from one hand to the other and then repeat.

Swing - catch - squat - swing


When you reach the top of the movement keep your arm slightly to the front to avoid compromising your ROM/shoulder girdle stability we don't want any injuries

Turkish get-up

After viewing the demonstration video you can see how this piece of kit can put spice into your workout and keep those muscles guessing and advancing.

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