If you are reading this then you obviously want to explore and expand your current knowledge of health fitness and nutrition, or to simply take up something new and add variety to your workout.

So now you’re asking yourself ‘who are you to tell me what to do, what makes you so special?’

Well, I’ll share a little of my past experience with you.

As you can see by the first picture I have provided of myself I used to carry more weight than I could manage.

The evolution of a person is very interesting to view.

I really struggled with my weight as a child and this really put an anchor on my confidence.

I was the classic quiet, shy, fat child who would keep himself to himself with head down finding comfort in fatty junk foods.

I was bullied for the extra weight I carried and consequently, my school days were miserable.

As time rolled by I gained a stone in weight for every year of my age 1stn=14lbs a year up to the age of eighteen at which point my weight averaged eighteen stone and twelve pounds.

I was getting into a drastically dangerous zone and was in desperate need of a kick to bring me out of denial and to come to the realization of my current health situation.

I remember one night I had just polished off one pint after another and a donna calzone (pizza with kebab)

Then passed out for the night waking to bloodshot eyes a bloated belly and a pounding headache to boot.

Feeling absolutely obliterated and hung over I stumbled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

It was like slow motion - that split second woke me up.

In a rage I went for a walk and when the road inclined my chest tightened and said STOP.

I was devastated that I let myself fall so far but something struck me like a lightning bolt.

I Felt miserable – comfort-ate – became fatter, thus adding to the problem.

Addiction really is a psychological stone around the neck.

My brain craved the quick sugar rushes of chocolate and white bread while my body moaned and complained at the slightest hint of anything that could be construed as exercise.

If I didn't break this dangerous cycle now, chances are the problem would spiral too far out of control.

I made the biggest decision of my life and decided I needed the truth.

I needed no sugar coated honesty.

I had to see the doctor, the only person who would give it to me straight.

I walked in and underwent a battery of tests and was left awaiting the results.

The minute he opened his mouth I was ready for bad news.

I was morbidly obese had high blood pressure and a high percentage of body fat and had a significant risk of diabetes.

Reach your goals!!!
I was now on a mission to show the bullies but more importantly myself that I could better myself and live my dreams.

I took up running and at first only managed five minutes but those minutes were proving I could do it.

After persistence I built from this foundation and made a 360 degree turn with not only my fitness but with my life.

I gained a new confidence and dedicated myself to fitness and nutrition and really turned things around for the better.

Looking back I remember going to a diet club and the people who attended used to hate me going as I was slimmer of the week for six weeks running!

Consequently, I decided to diet on my own and lost the rest of my weight safely and gradually.

Then I had lost a tremendous amount of weight and was around the 11 stone - 154 lbs.

I was really fit cardiovascular wise but now was not getting enough calories to build/maintain lean muscle mass.

I was told after a show that I looked ill and emaciated and thought to myself I can't win with people they can't accept me for being big or small!!!

I had comment after comment that I wasn't right and looked ill which only made me puzzled as to why they were always so judgmental.

I began resistance training and would take up anything that would be of benefit to me in my fitness quest.

The battle of my bulge was tough but I was determined to conquer it.

I was broken but knew I needed to pick myself up and take control of my life.

I was in desperate need of a role model and looked to my childhood action stars for inspiration.

Then I realized that it was me who needed to feel happy and healthy and to do this I had to create a balance in my own mind and body - it didn't matter what others thought.

                                                                                                                                                                  I admired lots of people for fighting against their own troubles and coming through the other side with their head held high and a better life.

I then took up fitness seriously and began researching different topics, diets techniques, lifting methods and psychological well being.

My next step was one I never envisaged, I became a qualified personal trainer.

Here is a quick video introducing me and H4F :)

I created this blog as a place for people to learn and be inspired/motivated by and to also take action to pursue their goals and dreams.

If you wish to contact me regarding personal training/diet/nutrition please drop me a message with your e-mail or e-mail:

All the best

Keep smiling and pushing forward :)


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