What’s your take on ‘The Caveman Diet?’

So what was so great about our prehistoric ancestor’s diet? Let’s examine a few facts.

Back in the day of the caveman, they didn’t have time to decide whether they were going to do a calorie controlled diet, this diet or that diet; they foraged, killed and ate what they could.

Firstly, all they hunted were creatures that were alive, fresh and untainted by what we call in the modern day ‘preservatives or special feeds’ like we do today. The creatures fed off the land and were basically free range animals.

Secondly, they couldn’t just pop down to their nearest supermarket to buy ready meals and processed foods, they simply used skill, endurance, fitness to hunt and gather food. Having no convenience of being able to go shopping they would basically eat what they could, when they could.

Thirdly, their activity levels would have been tremendously high from having to sprint and run away from their friendly neighbours, the carnivores. This made sure their body fat was at low levels, although, they tried their hardest to store fat for warmth.

Can you add to this? This is just a brief analysis, let’s get a debate going about our prehistoric ancestors and see if it was better ‘then or now’?

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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