These days people are forever letting themselves fall into bad habits and bad routines, time passes by as these routines become firmly cemented in our lives, the implications of our actions effect our children.

When we logically observe various behaviour in parents today we see that they can often become demotivated, tired, lack energy, knowledge, education, discipline and fed up.

The hardest thing for any human being to do is to create change, especially in a positive sense. However, making changes can only improve your life but can have a domino effect and riple into your children's lives and improve their lives for the better.

When a child is born those precious first few years of life set the foundation for the years ahead, so basically your kids are like sponges, soaking up as much knowledge as they can. We are all constantly learning and adapting to different stimulus every day, by this I mean, depending on our surroundings being positive or negative will depend on how we think and feel at specific times and will mold how we act in the future.

The greatest influence children have is their elders "that's you" they pick up your trates, your manorisms and dependant on whether these are good or bad is dependant on what kind of person your child will grow up to be. Basically we are all like computers, sophisticated machines that can be upgraded for the better or catch viruses for the worse, but all can be reprogrammed to suit.

So let's reprogramme!

Re-educating ourselves is to re-educate our children so that they can reciprocate and pass these positive changes to their children and so on so that the positivity becomes second nature to one and all. So how can we make positive change in our lives and turn those bad habits into good ones?
Why do you want to change? Why should you take up a healthy lifestyle? Well, i'll list a few things to get us started:

• Improve your confidence
• Give you a good mood
• Create a positive atmosphere for parents and children
• Less stress
• Concentration on work at school
• Helps you to maintain a healthy weight
• Helps to create a stronger, physical and mental appearance
• Lowers future risks of certain diseases/conditions such as diabetes
• Gives you more energy
• Makes you look and feel great
• Sets an example for other parents or other children

These are a few things to consider when thinking about the reasons why you should make that positive change. So, lets move on and discuss a little about your kids nutrition and why it is so important.
If you find that your children are overweight or underweight, the most simple and logical formula you can follow for the greater health for you and your children, is:

• positive energy in = positive energy out
• negative energy in = negative energy out

By the above formula, I mean what you eat/consume will effect your mood, energy levels and overall health.

An example of this would be if you eat a high GI/fast energy food that causes temporary energy for lets say 15-20 mins, then after this period you become grumpy and tired, etc, whereas if you eat a low GI food/long lasting energy, you will have a slow release of energy which will create better alertness, concentration and keep you fuelled and full for longer. It also depends on the type of foods you eat, if you are eating lots of foods high in calories and fat with little to no benefit to your body then you will gain weight and higher your risk of contracting certain conditions.

So you've got to ask yourself, what should we be aiming to eat that will benefit us and our children the most?

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