First things first, let me just say congratulations!

The most important thing for parents is the safety of your baby and so this is why people tend to be sceptical about exercise during pregnancy. Here are some rules and advice you could follow and have a think about:

Rule 1 – If you consult your doctor, gain advice from fitness professionals and use your common sense, then everything will be fine in regards to exercise.

Rule 2 – Don’t over stretch yourself; as your flexibility increases during pregnancy (this is due to the hormone relaxin that is present) so don’t overdo it.

Rule 3 – No contact sports; as you don’t want to put the baby at risk and also yourself, as you will have an increased risk of injury due to your hormones changing.

Rule 4 – Aim for around 20 – 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, each time you exercise. Training most days is ok if you feel you want to, but again don’t overdo it and if you feel tired, REST!

Rule 5 – For resistance training use light to medium weights and have someone help you or workout with you; so tell your other half to get off the couch and help!

Rule 6 – Food; Remember to eat regular healthy meals and don’t panic about the amount you eat, as you are ‘eating for two’ as they say, so you need the extra calories.

Rule 7 – Supplements; See your GP about these.

Rule 8 – Drink plenty of water to you and your baby well hydrated especially during exercise.

If you follow these rules you should be fine. Many women keep fit throughout pregnancy and have found that they give birth to a much leaner and healthier baby; and you’ll find it much easier to get your body back to normal much quicker after birth.
Pilates is one of the types of exercise woman choose to do because it helps to counteract the influences pregnancy has on their bodies. For instance, your spines centre of gravity continuously moves due to your baby moving around and so pilates can with your daily activities, your exercises and if you have any pain syndromes.

Some of the benefits associated with exercise:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improved circulation and co-ordination
  • Assists in post-natal recovery
  • Maintains good cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility and muscle lengthening
  • Stress in your newborn will be less
  • Helps with confidence and your overall body image
  • Improved oxygen transfers to the heart and brain
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Maintains good posture and overall wellbeing

However, if for any reason you are still unsure then please contact your local GP or contact myself.

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