There is much talk about keeping hydrated during exercise and throughout the day, so let's look at some of the effects of keeping topped up and running low on fluid/hydration.
Our bodies consist of up to 80% (mainly water) dependent on our state of hydration and ratio of certain bodily tissue i.e muscle tissue contains a higher percentage of water than fat tissue.  Thus a more muscular person would retain more water than a person with a favorable percent of fatty tissue.  So this being stated, each individual has different requirements of hydration due to their different body compositions.

Most individuals underestimate how important it is to keep yourself topped up with fluid.  There have been many studies into the effects of de-hydration on the body even at a resting state. When de-hydration is present the body can become less responsive and unable to process various functions.  When exercising you notice that sweat becomes present. This is fluid being released from the body therefore increasing the need for re-hydration.

The majority of people who partake in exercise don't drink enough water due to the suppression effect of physical activity, so make sure you fill your bottle and have a sip before, during and after exercise and do it frequently.  It's not enough to simply wait until you feel thirsty as this probably tells you you are currently already de-hydrated and this will effect your performance ability.


There are many commercialised sports drinks available on the market and choosing a specific one will depend on your regiments and the activity you are partaking in.  This will vary from your average person to your athlete.  Read up on different sports drinks and the effects on performance pre, mid and post exercise.  (more info will be available in the supplement section so check there from time to time)

Keep topped up with water throughout the day to prevent de-hydration and to keep optimum levels of bodily function.

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