A body build by a professional
From energy to back problems, client testimonial Lazaro Almenares gives us insight into his world of knowledge and personal training.........Read on for more
Lazaro Almenares is a personal trainer and you can find him on the active channel sky 281.
He is a teacher with many qualifications ranging from kettlebells to bodybuilding and much much more.

Being in the sports industry for 20+ years he has  trained a range of people in a multitude of disciplines.

He has been so kind to give hungry4fitness a multitude of articles for you to read and learn from so carry on reading and fill your mind with new knowledge.......

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frequently in training movements  done in positions of full pronation to partial pronation only 2  exercises use the foream in full supination  STRAIGHT BAR ARM CURLS and underhand grip chin ups almost every other gym exercise is performed away from full supination with many actual  done in full pronation
the pronator teres muscle found on the medial  side of of the anterior radius gets overworked and becomes hypetonic - this does take months and months
usually feels medial elbow pain initially in the  pronator teres origin this imitates elbow pain or golf pain or tennis pain but usually individuals continue to train with it
they displace the joint and pain is felt - inflammation of the joint
management of these conditions involves managing e tight and hypertonic pronator muscle and correcting the imbalance between pronator and supination strength regular stretching of the pronator muscles needs to be performed and exercises that maintain the arm in full supination need to be encouraged

1 replace seated row with seated with hands in supination holding a straight bar.
2 dumbbell bicep curls replaced by straight bar curls.
3 chip ups with underhand grip
lazaro almenares exercises specialist weight management nutrition strength and conditioning 
Our metabolism and survival is dependent on the formation conservation and re-synthesis of ATP ,used for all the work necessary within the cell and is considered  the body unit of energy
ATP contains 1 adensine molecule and 3 phoshate groups between them this is known as a high energy bond this simply means that these bonds contain a great deal of energies and the way in which the energy can be released is to break the bonds via chemical reaction
adenosine-------p_____P BOOM  P

 stores of APT are found in most metabolically active cells but there are sufficient stores to maintain  only 3 SECONDS  of intense activity before re-synthesis is necessary. Within the cell there is mechanism for detecting concentration of ATP and ADP detection of low levels of ATP and a high concentration of ADP stimulates the breakdown of stored nutrients whether they are carbohydrates,fast, or proteins
the decision a to wish nutrient is broken down  is dependent  on many factors such as the intensity of the exercise being undertaken the nutritional status of the individual before and during the activity,the fitness level and the genetics of  the person.
as described above when energy released to the muscle for movement ATP is broken down into ADP and the spare phospate to re-synthesize the ATP we need  to provide energy from another source to join a phosphate back to ADP to form AT-


the creatine  is  another  high  compound found in close association with ATP they are both known as phosphagens when the high energy bond in  CP is broken the energy released is used to resynthesize ATP from available products  of ATP break down namely adenosine diphoshate  ADPand the spare phosphate groupP

creatine ----P   creatine boom****P
the store of CP are about 3-5times greater than of ATP.there are sufficient CP stores to full a further  7 seconds of immediate energy though resynthesis of the stored and break down ATP

the natural stores of ATP and CP synthesis combined therefore can fuel about 10 seconds  of activity  this is essential for the onset of exercise, high energy activities weight lifting athletics or any explosive moves. Oxygen is not needed for these reactions to occur.
my best result I use creatine explosive la muscle product one week on one week off


> My name is Lina Geraci, I am a 40 year old mother of two girls.
> Lazaro has been my Personal Trainer for 4 years and his approach to training has changed my life completely.
> I first was referred to him by my physiotherapist as I needed some help in strengthening my right shoulder after an injury. Lazaro helped me to do so showing a lot of care and concern towards my injury at the time. His enthusiasm and contagious energy soon transformed me into a regular gym member, attending many of Lazaro's classes, such as abs, spinning, body pump, salsa etc.
> I also rediscovered my love for weight training, always under Lazaro's support and guidance. This is where the real transformation took place.

> With Lazaro's professional help, I was transformed from an average mother of two, to a figure class competitor for BNBF and NPA in 2009 in only 6 month, complete of a six pack that many guys in the gym envied. I took 2nd place in my first competition and went on to compete the following year placing within the first 6.
> Lazaro's knowledge in Personal Training is second to none. His knowledge is complete in every aspect from training methods to nutrition, to sports medicine and injury, to sports for all different population. He has many qualifications in teaching numerous sports and activities. Lazaro is very professional, hard working, reliable, friendly, enthusiastic, unique, individual and full of contagious explosive energy. He always has a big smile that brightens up your day, he is very motivating and takes a lot of pride in his clients goals achievements.

> I was also given the opportunity to participate in many programmes Lazaro presents on Sky 281and the internet , the Cubancardio, of which" The Crazy Cuban Cardio" has a full interview of my story. These programmes are shown in over 190 countries worldwide. I co-presented a series of 6 kettlebells workout dvds with Lazaro which will be released on sale shortly. I have also done some promotional adverts for LA Muscle products, all after my achievements thanks to Lazaro.
> Lazaro has a lot of passion and respect for his profession. He puts in his 110% in knowledge, support and motivation, giving you the confidence to believe any dreams and goals can be achieved. He has been a role model to me, so much so, that I decided to become a PT my self, completing my Level 3 studies only a few weeks ago. I would love to be as inspiring to other people as Lazaro has been to me.

> I highly recommend Lazaro for this position as there is no other PT like him.
> Regards

> Lina Geraci

Look at these awesome results

 > This is a testimonial and a note of reference on behalf of Lazaro Almenares. My name is Amir Ardakani and Lazaro has been my personal trainer for the past two years, as he has been to many successful clients. He has a very energetic personality from the moment you meet him which motivates you to train harder to reach your goals. He is friendly, calm, has very good social manners, very easy to get along with, very caring and always pushes you to reach your best potential. Also not to mention the fact that he has an excellent knowledge base in the field of personal training, with regards to both the gym, its equipment, training styles etc and outside the gym with respects to diet and food.

> Lazaro has helped me personally achieve many goals. In the summer of 2010 he helped me enter the fitness modelling category at FAME UK 2010 where I placed in the top 10. He has helped me achieve the body I wanted to meet my sporting needs, such as helping me recover after knee surgery to go back to playing basketball at club level. He continues to help me develop the body I desire up to this very day. We have filmed a TV advert together for LA Muscle protein shakes and he has helped me be part of the Cuban Cardio fitness TV series shown on the Active Channel SKY 281, which is shown in over 191 countries across the globe. This lead to the filming of an amazing fitness DVD which I was part of, release date is yet to be confirmed.
> He helped me achieve my level 2 gym instructor certificates, which means I am now able to coach and train others to a certain level and I am hoping to attain my level 3 certificate soon and become a qualified personal trainer, all through his inspiration. This is all alongside the fact that I am now in my third year of medical school, heading on to my fourth at the end of September. Lazaro showed me that anything can be achieved if you put your mind and heart to it and organise yourself appropriately.
> I hope this testimonial and note of reference supports Lazaro Almenares in his job application and will be more than happy to recommend and support him for the position he is applying for. Attached are some of my pictures. If you have any more questions I'll be more than happy to answer them for you
> Yours sincerely
Amir Ardakani

Bring on the Kettlebells!!!!!


> >  Back problems are one of the most common injuries among athletes and  others  who exercise regular and vigorously up to 80% of adults experience back pain is the leading cause of doctor  office visits hospitalization  ,surgery and work disability. I WANT to share with you 3 QUICK TIPS from the report that can immediately  help strengthen your back while reducing or eliminating back pain 1 MAKE SURE YOU RUNNING ON THE BALLS OF THE FEET NOT THE HEELS. .-raise your ankle straight up under the hip using your hamstrings .-keep shoulders,hips and ankles in vertical alignment-use a short stride
2 QUICK PAIN RELIEF FOR ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS this is a chronic inflammatory disease that can cause pain and decrease mobility in the spine stand with the back against the wall and heels about 10 cm out from the wall . -gently push shoulders and buttocks back until they are touching the wall. -hold for 5 second -release and repeat.
> > -lie face  down on a bench and strap their legs
> > -legs should be supported by the bench with their upper body extended over
> > the edge
> > -keep the upper body parallel to the floor with arms folded against the
> > chest for as long as you can
> > -repeat this until have built up enough endurance to maintain a horizontal
> > position for 58 seconds

> > this Will significantly may reduce the likelihood of having spinal problems

> > and back pain reduction
> >
> > regards lazaro almenares don't miss it  anytime in the active channel check
> > it up my last show real fitness  or in sky 281 fitness active channel  the
> > back workouts fat burn quick results.designed for those seeking higher
> > training level.
> > for consultations,or sections contact me direct.

Lazaro with his team :)

Advanced weight training techniques how to get significantly more strength, power,speed- the sports success and the body shape you deserve,the stronger you are the more power and force your muscle can produce  the less likely they are to fatigue  the faster you can accelerate and move and the greater you look and resistance to injury. but is essential you do the right weight training . the wrong training could actually detract from your performance or worse still, end your sports career or training. lets take just one common myth the idea that you cant train  for both strength and endurance at the same time thank to new research I now know you can!!!!..and my new special report tell you how you will fine only weight training technique to maximise your sports performance how to train for maximo strength and power gains and achieve your goals in the minimum possible time.
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Achilles Tendinitis

> the cause of Achilles tendinitis insufficient strength in the gastrocnemius soleus and anterior tibialis  and specifically insufficient eccentric strength.will result in poor
> control of teh dorsiflexion and pronation during the foot down and cushioning phases o running. if these movements are not controlled , particularly the velocity of pronation, then this
> can cause an excessive whipping of the Achilles tendon as the foot, which may result in injury.
> the key to full recovery and healing treatment develop specific strength in the ankle muscles that are immediately related to the Achilles tendinitis and also rest of the leg and pelvis to promote  a good efficient running style and legs training
> .ankle to toe walks
> .heels walks
> .heel drop and calf  raise
> .one leg knee bends
> .dynamic one leg knee bends.
> .dynamic ankle jogging



1- the intense 12 week training programme I'm about to invite you on to is tough. if you don't already have a basic level of fitness and desire to be the absolute best you should stop reading this now.

2 I'm not going to pad out my advice to you with senseless fluff just to fatter your ago.this is serious,if you think running a few times a week an a tasteless restrictive diet is ever going to make you truly fit then this really isn't for you. this programme is for people who want to gain a powerful advantage over average Joe-in the gym stick with me and i ll show you how your BODY CAN BECAME SCULPTED AMAZING  the member from opposite sex will score you a perfect 10 . I want you to get where you want to be fit for everything bigger than ever my new programme will ensure your fitness  and body goals are reached quick and fast. whatever is your reason waiting for the best fallow my instruction and  you will feel and look better than ever in life.nothing will stand in your way.
this programme is like no other borne in my years of my strong conditioning for anything. I am very serious about this programme powers and commit to achieving that next  level of fitness.
still here ? good I LIKE you already.  Now let me tell you more

My 12 week programme is really all about training hard and never look back. I am  not  like all those so called fitness gurus you find lurking online who used to be pole emaciated nerds.  My programme is real fitness my sculpting advice will change everything . fitness is in my blood, over the years i have learnt a lot about what it means and what it takes to be fit and I am passionate about teaching you the same thing, the only difference is you can get there in 12 weeks, I am giving you everything I now have a message to those gurus.  If you cant run for a mile to reach the enemy and being a good long distance runner is no help at all if you cant lift and shift at the end of a long run.
You cant see why all those so called experts and the quickie programmes have huge voids in their advice they have simple never ever been this fit this conditioning and I tell you something else they have never looked this good either.
These results are possible give Lazaro your time and find out

If you commit to promise is to make you fit and looking better than you ever have in your life I just need 12 weeks.  Ready for you against the clock and have measurable performance indicators built in distance covered and repetitions performed you will see first hand your improvement week upon week.  Combined with good pro diet and I tell you exactly what that really is too I would expect to see measurable improvements in your level of fitness muscle tone and body fat.
this programme is simple to fallow,effective and challenging developing all around fitness,  I know it is not easy, but the workout grows with you, it is based on a periodization model that get tougher week by week but more intensity looking extremely  fit  functional training the making of you in 12 week working in muscular strength-endurance-muscular power-core strength-aerobic & anaerobic fitness-flexibility-co-ordination-balance and prorioception feeling better reaching your goals improvements
 lazaro picture 18/sept/2011 BNBF PRO GRAND PRIX NATURAL PHYSIQUE 2011
With such an awesome physique you can see this man knows what he is doing
Pose perfect
TEL 07889928117.    

Lazaro has it all!!

lazaro crazy cuban abs- the cuban cardio- real fitness.
Checkout the following link for Lazaros real fitness:

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