There's a lot of emphasis on this method and that method of training.

What to do when to do it. 

So much information aimed at training and nutrition, but you have to find the psychological/mental power for your training and nutrition to have full effect.  So how?  There are many ways of getting yourself into the correct mind-set to eat right and train hard.  Everything starts with enjoyment and taking pleasure in what you are doing.  If you find training hard, boring and un-enjoyable you're more than likely to fall at the first hurdle and not want to carry on in the race.  As humans we take pleasure in certain activities and link the pleasure to feeling goooood and that's why we continue to practice the pleasure and keep at the certain activity.  We have to link pleasure to the training that we do and the food that we eat. 

Many people make choices to not exercise, not eat right and choose a different health path in life.  I am not judging anyone as that is their choice and nobody elses only they choose what they do and how they do it.  In today's society there is an emphasis on fast foods, unhealthy foods that cause so many problems when consumed in high quantities.  The message of these foods is that they taste good, look appetising and are irresistible to some.  We link pleasures to these foods and that is why we repeat the practice of consuming these foods which are accessible to the masses.  In order to re-programme ourselves we must associate the certain foods with being bad for us and the healthy choices bringing pleasure resulting in a healthier future.

So linking pleasure to healthier choices will make us more likley to opt for better decisions.  The same goes for exercise.  When starting a training programme, motivation is usually high and to maintain this you need to take pleasure in it.  If you adopt pleasure to good nutrition and exercise you are well on your way to achieving the health/body you desire.

Make being healthy and fit so desirable, so pleasurable that you put 100% of your heart into achieving your goals.

All being said it is tough to change the way we think and feel.  There are ways to feel satisfied and happy with changing your current lifestyle/behaviours.  An example would be to use a feel good factor in your training like listening to your favourite music - crank up the tunes.  Music has been known to motivate and stimulate especially when it comes to exercise.  This is only one example but there are many.  So reward your good efforts and the results you desire will follow.

There are other points to consider too, like friends and family.  Now these groups can either be a powerful driving force or grind you to a halt and not help you to progress.  I have come across certain individuals who have family and friends who are completley un-supportive which resulted in the client having low levels of confidence and self-esteem.  To combat this we worked together to bring out positivity and included the people who wanted to be involved and phased out the negativity of other people.  When looking at this type of situation you need all the support you can get and if people are not ready to support you then you begin to question how good friends they really are?

All the points disscused have an impact on the outcome of training, if you can strike a balance in your life where you feel good and link pleasure to healthy behaviour you will train harder more consistenently and eat right.  Get into a pleasurable mind set and practice the good behaviours and you will become more and more efficient at what you practice.

Many many many factors come into account when you change elements in your life and only you have the choice of the paths you persue in life.


Keep at it

All the best


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