With the desire to push the body to new levels of performance there has been a rise in awareness of different supplements available on the market.  So what are these supplements and what are the advantages/disadvantages of taking them???  Well lets look at a few examples

Glutamine - An abundant free amino acids in the muscles.  An abundance of Glutamine can be found when the body undergoes a spesific trauma i.e exercise or an accident.  Test show that post operative patients can benifit from glutamine as it aids in recovery time.  Whilst this may seem beneficial there are arguments to say that supplementation can also have an effect on the immune system.  There needs to be more research/trials into the effects of this supplement.

Caffeine - I'm sure you have heard of "caffeine" most of us drink:


Theses are only three examples of where caffeine can be found look it up and you will find more :)
Caffeine is available in many products and has been sold as tablets/capsules.  It has been used to boost energy levels it has been know to be useful in strength/short and long training session.

Although drinking cup after cup will only create a resilience to the benefits that are available.  The best method is to keep the body guessing.  By this I mean try to avoid caffeine for up to for days + the longer the better as this will produce a better effect.  A note is too keep well hydrated to compensate for any extra fluid loss.

CREATINE - Is created in the body during muscular contraction.  Createin can also be purchased in powder form.  There is still debate amongst trainers as to whether the ingestion of supplemented creatine has a negative effect on the body.  There has to be more research but the debate into whether it has an over excessive effect on the kidneys.  It is said to delay fatigue in the short/high intensity movements.  Also it is proposed to have a lactic acid delay effect in longer duration activity/exercise.  If you buy the supplement Creatine be sure to look up the loading dosages to optimise the effectiveness.  Again keep well hydrated.

Regardless of what suppliments you choose you should always aim to eat a diet that is balanced

Protein Powders -There are a wide variety of protein powders on the market today.  Proteins are required to maintain and build and repair muscle tissues.  It is used by a wide variety of athletes, bodybuilders and recreational gym users.  If you have a friend who is a gym fanatic ask them how important protein is when trying to build a great physique.  Why in powder form????  Well its fast and simple and can be consumed asap after exercise when the body needs it the most to repair the tissue you damaged.  Being in powder for you can simply put it into a shaker shake and drink its as simple as that.  With the protein being in liquid form it will assimilate into your system quicker.  If you consume a lot of protein in supplementation and in your diet sometimes you can feel bloated and gassy so make sure you monitor the levels of protein you take in and also account for the activity you do.  I know I repeat this but keep topped up on the fluid side of thins :)

The above are only a small handful of supplements that are available on toady's market.  There are many wonder pills that have such great claims to aid in fat loss build muscle mass boost performance and so on.  Be careful when thinking about buying any supplements make sure to ask someone in the know and look at the effects that the supplements have good and bad.  Don't be wowed by the colours and amazing advertisements do your research and make sure the supplement is right for you :)  Also be sure to ask the supplier on the benefits or side effects of your chosen supplements.  Don't be pressured into buying anything without doing a little research first.   Supplements can give great benefits but only with the propper knowledge and guidance enquire enquire enquire :)  Better safe than sorry :)


There will be reviews and info on supplements on this blog soon so keep your eyes out :)

All the best


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