There are so many different pieces of equipment available to one and all, so I thought we could go through a few portable pieces of kit.

Were to start? Hmmmmmm

The medicine ball

A great addition to your workout

Mball Push ups are a great challange

What is it?  Well for starters it's not a ball filled with medicine! You may have seen these used in the sport of boxing where the trainer drops it onto the boxer's abdomen to simulate a punch.  The medicine ball is a weighted ball which comes in different shapes/sizes and weights, with the appearance of a basketball. 

Good or not so good?

This weighted ball can be used in a variety of exercises for a wide range of sports and fitness goals.  It's very versatile and easy to use under the correct instruction.  From core work to strength and more, it really is a great tool and portable too - ideal for a home gym.  I have a couple of these and perform a number of exercises like push ups and floor smashes.  I would definitely recommend these, although you have to be cautious and use good form and technique and don't drop them on your toe!

The Kettlebell

?  Reminds me of an old kettle.  Basically a Kettlebell is a weighted ball with a handle.  So why are they so great???  Well they have been around for a long, long time but have recently been the next new craze for benefits ranging from power training to weight loss and so on.  Another versatile piece of equipment that can be used virtually anywhere.  There are so many exercises you can perform with a Kettlebell you would be really shocked to say its a hunk of metal with a handle!  I will demo some of the exercises for you in an up-coming video.  I would definitely recommend getting one - I have 5, ranging from 2.5Kg-24Kg. and they really do deliver a hard core workout.

The Wheel

Well it's been around since pre-historic man and you can find them all over:)  The wheel we are talking about is one that is aimed at the exercising public.  You have to start slowly with this one as it can take a great amount of core/stability strength-it's quite tough especially if you are just starting out.  It is basically a wheel with handles at each side.  You hold the handles and roll on out.  It has quite an effect on the mid section and can also challenge shoulder stability.  Although this piece of kit is effective in a specific area it only has a few variations.

Resistance Bands

These are what they say they are, tubes or cords which provide a resistance when stretched.  Again they are a great piece of kit when utilised in the correct manner.  If working with a trainer they can really give a boost to your workout by adding these into the equation and providing a different stimuli.  They can be combined in any programme from endurance to muscle building.  A very portable and versatile piece of equipment.  They come in different strengths, colours and lengths.  I have a bundle of these and use them for a variety of movements.  They can also assist you in certain moves and make others tougher.  A definite 'thumbs up' and great addition to your arsenal.

Stability Ball

You must have seen one of these before?  They are a large inflated ball and come in different shapes and sizes to suit a multitude of heights.  Also a range of brands and colours are available.  For a home gym these big rubber balls are really functional and can be used solo or in conjunction with other pieces of equipment.  That said, a word of caution!!!! Make sure your ball is of the anti-burst variety as some brands sometimes don't specify and you certainly don't want to be in mid-use and have a great fall :(  Again they can be used virtually anywhere and are really great, boasting a variety of exercises and challenging movements.  A great starter for your home gym.  Again take ten mins to research but they are relatively cheap and easy to set up.

Weighted Vest

As said in the title, it is basically a vest that is weighted.  Now the vest I have is one were you can add or take weights depending on your routine, which is ideal when progressively overloading the body.  Great for taking your bodyweight workouts to a whole new level.  If purchasing one of these make sure it comes with some securing straps as sometimes you will be performing an exercise and the sheets on the front and back will flap about, which is very annoying.  The weighted vest is such a great piece of kit and comes with different weight ranges.  The one I have goes from 1-30kgs which is a great range.  As said you can perform lunges, press ups, squats and so on which challenges you to a whole new plane.  Be careful, especially beginners, start slowly with a low resistance and build yourself up.

As you can see there are many pieces of equipment you can purchase and use at home, great for the starter and also the advanced exerciser.  I have trialled and tested the above and also own each piece and continue to utilise them in my training programmes.  They are relatively cheap and easily accessable.

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