I have been given the opportunity to to trial two products from the 'maximuscle' range.

I'm going to start with:

Promax - Breakfast Oats

Here's the technical info:

"Prepare and consume a nutritious breakfast in less thank two minutes! Promax Breakfast Oats provides a convenient source of high quality nutrition, at a time when many struggle to eat.  Simply mix one serving (2 scoops = 50g) of Promax Breakfast Oats with 200-250ml of water.  Take 1-2 servings per day depending on your goal!"

So whats the price??? Well, this product currently comes in two flavours, Chocolate and Golden Syrup and the price for 700g is £25.  Very good value compared to other suppliments.

Let's go through some of the product's highlights

  • 25g of high quality whey protein which is ideal after 8 hours of fasting
  • Low Gi oats which means slow burning complex carbs
  • Flavours: Chocolate and Golden Syrup
  • Vitamins and Minerals for a healthy start to the day 
  • Over 50% calories from protein
  • Instant breakfast in as little as 2 minutes
  • 188 Calories
  • High quality protein to support lean muscle growth
  • Rich supply in BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

What I noted on first inspection :)

The packaging has an eye-catching design and clearly displays the benefits of taking the suppliment.  It is easy to read and very understandable.  So how did it taste?  HMMMMM well the Golden syrup flavour is quite mild and really easy to drink, the taste does not over-power you, so for me it would be ideal to drink and deliver a dose of quality nutrition to my system.  The chocolate was the same, very pleasant taste, not too over-powering and easy to drink.  To add to this, when mixing I found the powder really mixed well with water there were no lumps or sandy texture to it, which is a big thumbs up from me.  The powder was very fine kind of like the sand in an hour glass :)  There is one thing that I hate - lumpy suppliments that clog your palet and clog your throat - yuck! Thankfully, 'maximuscle' is not one of these products.

I would definitely say this is a 'thumbs up' product.  I know a few of my clients have said they absolutely hate breakfast and would prefer something quick and easy. I say give this product a try - it's so quick and easy to use and best of all, it tastes good!

After using the Breakfast Oats for a week I found them really easy to ingest and digest and with no bloating or any adverse instestinal effects.  They also provided a sustainable energy until my next meal.  I have found if you have an early start, you can cut breakfast time to a minimum and get on your way ASAP.  

Nutrition Information

Chocolate flavour
(1 serving = 50g)Per 100gPer 50g
  of which sugars16.90g8.45g
  of which saturates2.40g1.20g


Vitamin A480µg240µg
Vitamin D5µg3µg
Vitamin E7.2mg3.6mg
Vitamin C48mg24mg
Vitamin B10.66mg0.33mg
Vitamin B20.84mg0.42mg
Vitamin B39.6mg4.8mg
Vitamin B60.84mg0.42mg
Vitamin B121.5µg0.75µg
Folic Acid30µg15µg

Vitamin B5

A great product to aid in your training goals, whatever they may be.  I would definitely give the site a visit and look into this product further.

Keep driving forward more reviews soon.  If you want to know more on Maximuscle please click on the link below.

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