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These tabs are from the Maxifuel energy range:

Elecro Tabs: Elite sports drink tablets containing electrolytes and minerals for rapid hydration

These tablets have been formulated to meet the needs of hard training endurance athletes/exercisers who desire an effective low calorie way to aid hydration and endurance, without consuming additional calories and carbohydrates from regular sports drinks.

Recommended usage: add 1 tablet to 500ml of water and dring before during and after exercise to meet hydration needs.  Consume one tablet per 60 mins of exercise.

The flavour is called Zesty lemon and the RRP is £6.99 per 15 tablets which is a great price considering the prices other sports drinks.

Points to consider:

  • Hydration - Electrolyte fuel with sodium, potassium and chloride to replace the essential salts lost during intense exercise.
  • Supporting - energy minerals calcium and magnesium to help aid in muscle contraction and energy production whilst supporting bone health
  • Low in calories- Just 9cals and 1g of sugar per tablet.  Hydrate and boost your stamina/endurance without the extra cals
  • Great tasting

On Inspection

Firstly the packaging is again very informative and attractive.
I needed to test this product to its full so have changed my training routine to be one of a stamina and endurance (lots of sweat and tears :) This training has included boxing, running and circuits.  I found that the tablets were so easy to use - simply drop in your water and drink throughout your workout.  Doing this reminds me of disolvable paracetamols but it doesn't taste anything like paracetamol thank goodness!  I found the taste to be quite mild and refreshing, very palatable and easy to drink.  My workouts lasted up to 60 minutes and I did not feel at all de-hydrated whilst taking the drink.  A great little tablet and being only 9 calories which is brilliant.  Most sports drinks are so high in calories, but this really takes into account the calorie conscious.  For me it tasted great and I had no intestinal problems which are two thumbs up (as some can cause bloating and indigestion) which is a big bonus when working out for you and those around you! :)

Nutrition Information

Per 1 tablet, Active Ingredients:

All in all another great product from Maximuscles Maxi-fuel energy.

For more take a look at their site: <a href="" target="_blank">Maxishop</a>

As always do your research and keep moving forward.  For more visit the store by following the link below.

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