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Today i'm reviewing the Smartshake V2

What is is?

The Smartshake  - The Worlds Smartest Shaker

I have been an avid gym goer for years now and there is much talk on this training method and that training method the right nutrition, functional functional functional!!!!!!  Well in a search for functional time saving nutrition and equipment I came across the smartshake V2.  When going to the gym or having to travel I always had to bag suppliments/foods which was arkward and usually messy.  Now I know if you're busy and always on the go and you want to get in the right nutrition it can be hard.  Well with the smartshake it takes the heat off your schedule and allows you to be functional in training and in everyday life.  This shaker is smart in the way that it allows you to take your nutrition with you on the go.  Look a the pic below and i'll explain more. 

In the pic above you can see that the shaker has multiple compartments to make things easier for its user.  If you are on the go its the smartest most convenient way to get your nutrition on the with no messing about.  The compartments can store a multitude of things from powders to pills, you can pretty much store anything in there.  Another great feature is that the shaker can withstand the microwave/freezer and is dish washer safe too.  I take my shaker everywere I go so I'm never hungry and nutrition is always easily accessable.  The other day I used one compartment for my change and the other for my whey protein; it really is a great design and so easy to use.  Simply unscrew, fill and go then when you need to top up, unscrew pour shake and smile.  It mixes powders really well and the filter is great as it helps to break up those stubborn powders that various brands sometimes have :)

The shaker comes in a variety of colours and sizes for a multitude of users.  Men, women & children,  this shaker really impressed me.  I mean if your children need a great shaker that they can store medication or a snack in the compartments it is perfect to keep up to your hectic scheduling.  Ideal for making sure your blood sugar levels are at a safe level too.

There are so many uses here is the technical information:

Smartshake v2 is ideal for bringing to work or to school and can be used before, during and after exercise.
You can store:
  • Protein
    Jewellery while training

A Carabiner/clip that allows you to clip your gym keys/car keys while training or onto your gym bag?
The patent pending strainer that minimizes powder lumps.

None toxic plastic BPA - and DEHP - free

Safe for freezer/dishwasher/microwave and hot liquid 120oC/284oF

Smartshake v2 holds 600ml (28oz) up to the edge and the portion containers 120ml (4oz) and 160ml (5.5oz)
Intergrated measuring scale in ml + oz

You can view and purchase yours at:

I would definatley recommend this shaker but don't just take my word for it, look here to see some of the best athletes who also use Smartshake.
Not just for people but for your pets too check out this link:
Look them up on facebook too :)

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