There are many many many training techniques you can utilise in your own programme.  The techniques stated below are a mere.  Just remember to enquire with your trainer and get them to spot you!

Negative reps - For this we will take the bench press as an example.  So when you bench press a weight you move it up then lower it then up and lower.  When you push the bar up this is the positive part of the movement and when you lower the bar this is the negative part of the movement.  So why negatives???? Well negatives are utilised in training to help you make more progress.  The reason for this is because we can controll more weight on the negative phase of a movement.  So with a spotter you are able to push yourself further and use that bit more weight.  The spotter will help you with the positive/upward phase of the movement then let you control the negative phase.  This is safer than performing them on your own as your positive power phase power will decrease quickly and you don't want to be stuck with the bar on your chest trapped!

Partial reps - Partial reps are exactly what they say.  You basically partially do a repetition and repeat, or you can do a partial movement then a full repetition and repeat.  This is quite tough so a spotter is a good idea!


Super Sets - SUPER :) super sets are two exercises done one after the other.  So that may be bench press followed by a bench fly movement.  There are different types so you can be creative.  You could do opposing muscle groups like biceps then triceps or quads and hamstrings.

Tri sets - tri meaning three this technique is were you do three movements back to back to back.  So if I were working my shoulders I could perform a lateral raise then a front raise followed by bent over lateral raises.  easy as 1-2-3  :)

so use your heavy weight then take weight off and perform another set

Drop sets -  These are sets were you keep dropping the weight to be able to perform more repetitions.  So you would use your heavy weight for a set then drop the weight again and again as many times as you like.  These can really exhaust the working muscles to the full.

The Egyptians have them?

  • Pyramid sets - can be used in a multitude of ways.  You could do a pyramid or 12/10/8 so you would do the first set at 12 reps then the next for 10 reps and so on.  Usually as the repetitions get lower you can higher the weight.  You can also do them in reverse to create a pyramid drop set.  So Ascend or decend/Up or Down make your choice :)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bicept Curls

21ns - You may have heard or seen this technique in the gym and been puzzled at the movement.  We will use the biceps as an example, basically 7 reps at the top 7 reps at the bottom then 7 full reps.  So you would perform the movement half way from the top then from the bottom to half way and then 7 full repetitions.  This movement is usually utilised to get great blood flow and stimulation to the muscle also known as "THE PUMP"

All the above techniques can be utilised in a number of ways.  I'm almost certain if your an advanced excerciser you will have heard of the above techniques and practice them on a regular basis.  A word of caution for the new comer of the pack be careful get advice and get a spotter before even trying the above.  Remember better to knowledge up instead of jumping in to just get injured!  Make sure you have good training experience :)

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