Lets talk POWER............How can you boost your power output and put that extra electricity in your workout?

Well here are a few moves you can incorporate into your routine.

Sledge hammer smash.


It is as it says you get a sledge hammer and smash it onto an absorbent surface and do it as hard as you can.  So you could use a tyre to whack at :)  It is a great addition to a workout and gets a multitude of muscles working to co-ordinate this movement.  Make sure you use both sides of your body, don't focus on one side or your muscles will me imbalanced.  This move is being utilised more and more and is found to help power output increase.


No equipment required :) a big pluss :) everyone knows what sprining is :)  You basically run as fast as you can for a certain period of time.  These are usually done over a short period of time coupled with a rest.  Sometimes you will here the word interval training.  This is were you run at a certain effort followed by a rest period then another sprint.  So a full effort followed by recovery i.e intervals.


These are usually explosive movements.  So a polymetric push up would be were you do a push up and use as much force as possible to launch yourself off your hands then back to the press up possition.  So like a press up clap.  You can utilise polymetrics with a host of moves such as the jump squat or box jumps or jumping lunges.


Used in many gyms these weights come in different shapes and sizes and can be used for a vast array of exercises.  You can perform olympic style moves to create a good power base.  They come in different weights and shapes but you can find them online or in some sports stores.

Tyer flip

Tractor Tyre (16.9-24 R4)You may have seen the famous tyer flip in various films were the fighter is getting in shape.  Well dependant on wether you have a large tractor type tyer is dependant on wether you can perform this movement.  Although this stated there are always alternative methods you can utilise to get a similar effect.  You basically use a tremendous amount of power to jerk the tyer up and then push it over.  This is really tough and works you to your limits so be prepared to be out of breath.

Explosive pull ups

This one takes a lot of strength.  You basically launch up let go then grab the bar on the way down and slowly lover yourself and repeat.  A word of caution here, make sure you use a solid pull up structure/bar and also a spotter is good for your own peace of mind and for the sake of safty.


A really great piece of equipment to utilise.  You will need a trainer/friend to help you with this exercise.  The harness is coupled to you then you run under the resistance of your partner pulling you back.  So the harness has a rope attached to which your partner resists your forward movement.  You can do a multitude of exercise whilst your partner pulls you back.  Sprints, forward jumps etc the resistance provides an extra trimulus for the body to compete against.  Take off the harness and do more work it feels like you can fly :)

These are just a few exercises.  There are so so many but take a taste and utilise one of the above and see how it works for you.  It is also an idea to be spotted or have a trainer instruct you on correct technique and form.  These techniques are quite advanced so be cautious.

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