So how do we stay in shape over the festive season? Well this statement is an oxymoron. Unless you already eat high fat and high salt foods laced with complex starchy carbohydrates, then staying in shape over Christmas is impossible unless you do one of two things; either don't indulge in high fat, high salt and starchy foods (and no-one really wants to deny themselves these tasty treats) or exercise more (also unlikely as it is nice to sit around and do nothing and what's more most gyms close over Christmas). So those used to eating high protein and low carb foods with no salt either have to be very determined not to (such as body shapers or bodybuilders getting ready for a contest in January), otherwise they will accumulate incidental fat and fluid retention.

But that is not all bad news. Once you resume your normal diet again, the filtering systems of the body will eliminate the extra fluid very quickly. And with some hard training in the first few weeks of January, then you will burn off any extra accumulated bodyfat very quickly. So back to normal by mid January.

What about injuries and the way we spend regular time each day or every second day working on stretching or rehab exercises to rehabilitate our niggly injuries. For the most part, missing a week of rehab on an injury is not the end of the world. The motor patterns we tend to develop during our rehab programs will most likely not be lost in a seven day period - 14 days is a different story though. The only exception to this would be those who do regular tendon loading exercises for ailments such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendon grumbles and rotator cuff issues. Tendons do like a consistent and determined approach as they are usually slow to get stronger but will easily regress if we deload for any length of time.
So for those who enjoy the festive period, don't get too stressed. Although not great for our physical health this period of indulgence takes us away from our training programs and diets, but does wonders for our mental health.  As long as you don't carry the festivities over until mid January, you will be back to normal in no time

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