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If your resolution for the next 12 months is to "build your best body" in order to enhance performance, then today's New Year offer was practically made for you.
If your resolution for the next 12 months is to "build your best body" in order to enhance performance, then today's New Year offer was practically made for you.
For so many athletes, the difference between a first and second place finish can come down to one crucial factor: body fat, or weight.
And the start of another year always throws this into the spotlight.

We all know about the importance of being trim. Not just for our general health, but for the demands of our chosen goals.
Look at the world's top sprinters, distance runners and sports players. Boxers, fighters bodybuilders, modeling physique, Many of them are toned, flexible and agile on their feet, with minimal levels of body fat.
They dominate their competitors because there's not a single pound of excess weight holding them back.f your resolution for the next 12 months is to "build your best body" in order to enhance performance, then today's New Year offer was practically made for you.
My kettleblast new training system. And resistance free weight Lifting peak real fitness performance Fat Loss Programme is the key to getting you into shape of your career in 2012, and tone up just like the world's elite.
As with my speed training and muscle building plans, this is a 3-month program of intensive workouts that, when followed exactly, will deliver quick, measurable results.
And it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can't lose.

You've been handed a clean slate this month. Use it to make a fresh start and set yourself up for a record-breaking year.
Read on and you'll find out how I can help you wave goodbye to those extra pounds, and leap to the top of the winner's podium.
Click here keep your New Year's Resolution and improve your sporting physique with Peak Performance.
Trim down in 2012 for unbeatable results
I am sure you will agree with me when I say, that for the professional and dedicated sports fitness modeling person, this time of year can be somewhat frustrating:
It's been the holiday season and so you've piled on a few pounds.
Inclement weather has hindered your training and competition and goals , so you are feeling out of shape.
And that's not all; on top of this you could be experiencing more underlying and serious problems:
You are not the same as you were a few years ago - eating and drinking piles on the pounds much quicker than it used to, and losing it is proving a much longer process.
You may be stuck in a rut and need something new to relight your training in order to spark a much-needed improvement.
You have noticed that you are getting slower and are out of ideas on how to turn the tables.
Losing weight can and will improve your performance. Making you lighter will improve your speed, agility and general mobility. Shape and dream physique
The problem with us athletes is that we tend to be stuck in our ways and so after years of performing at a certain level, losing weight may be a new concept to you - how do you best proceed?
The cheap celebrity diets and generic weight loss programs that circulate at this time of year do not help, mainly because they are all aimed at the average human (who will most likely give up within a few weeks).
You are not an average human.

You are an elite athlete or coach,or in the next level of fitness and as a result you require a training program that befits your station.
Trimming down your fat levels could mean the difference between you having the edge over your rivals and recording that quicker time.
ining section , nutrition and sport science academic) to tackle those complex issues of weight loss, toning and body fat reduction.
With this in mind, I'm leading personal trainer and champion athlete program to produce a series of fat loss plans in order to fill
You need something created in my (new programm of strength and conditioning funtional training peak performance, in my personal tr athe niche for serious athletes and fitness modeling who want to lose weight or reduce their body fat levels. I will do all the planning for you and the best part about these programs is that they have been tried and tested - all you need to do is follow them!
c cardio vascular stamina strength flexibility core activity with fat burning resistance workouts and functional training , all aimed at attacking your metabolism.
It is a natural, tried and tested routine
A tailored Fat Loss Programme will be created for your specific needs by using information you provide me. In exchange for 3 minutes of your time, I will provide you with a fat loss plan guaranteed to work. Why does it work? My Fat Loss Programme combines dynam i that will ensure the pounds drop off. Emphasis has been placed on creating a varied and stimulating program to ensure motivation is maintained. The plan focuses on burning off more calories than you consume - it really is that easy So to recap: Once you have purchased your new Fat Loss Programme, you will be provided with a brief survey to complete. The answers from this survey will allow to create your personalised weight loss program:
2012 to reap the benefits of your improved physical form. You'll feel better, look better and provid
This will be tailored to your individual needs to make sure you are not doing too much or too little. The time-consuming and often boring planning will all be done for you - you just have to stick to it. Your training plan based around 3-5 workouts a week that can be done at home, in your gym or on the road. In the office. After 3 months, you will really notice the difference in your performance - I guarantee it! Then you'll have the rest o fe tough competition for your rivals.or achieved your goals I wish you all the best in your fat loss journey - just remember to stick to the plan and you will find your times or PBs improving in no time. This is one New Year's Resolution really worth sticking to. Yours sincerely Lazaro J Almenares O'farrill

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