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Hello amigos

If you're like most people, you're probably planning to go on holiday somewhere hot and sunny this year, most likely with a trip to a sun- beach wearing a swimming costume.  That's great for most people, but not if you're carrying around any embarrassing excess weight.  Excess weight which looks and feels absolutely terrible when you're wearing a swimming  costume, and nothing else, on a beach full of lean,beautiful  tanned people.

Now when I say 'excess weight', I'm not talking about huge amounts of fat. You're a fit, athletic person in good shape who works out regularly, someone who  takes care to eat sensibly and exercise properly.
But the chances are that - for whatever reason - you've gained extra unwanted body fat here and there:
you're coming out of your 'off-season', and getting in shape for the season to come
It might be you're someone of 'a certain age' who finds the weight doesn't shift as easily as it used to
Then again, it could also be genetics which prevent you from achieving an mesomorph physique
Whatever the reasons for your extra body fat something you're almost certainly aware of and very keen to get rid of, one thing's for certain: you want some concrete answers on how to lose weight and gain solid block abs. Practical, proven strategies for doing this which don't cost you a fortune.
And you want this information NOW.
What's The Solution? How Can You Get A lean sexy define Body?
Faced with this dilemma, and desperate to lose weight and gain muscles in all the right places, the majority of people grope for the latest quick fix solution.
You might try some sort of crash starvation diet, or manic exercise routines including unstructured exercise programs, hoping to lose weight quickly.
Sadly for them, these quick fix systems are as ridiculous as they are dangerous, with their users often putting on more weight after the 'solution' finishes, and ending up even fatter than when they started.
Then there are all manner of fad diets, as peddled by the latest trendy fashion magazines. You know the ones I mean: lactose-free, the blood type,  and even the Caveman diet to name a few. ect ect
But these diets are difficult to follow, and not always certain to work. Some of the menu-plans are not only impractical, but the ingredients - and the programs themselves - cost a small fortune.
Plus and this is the crucial part), they tell you next to nothing about how to combine diet with effective workout and training programs for developing bigger and better defined muscles. As the saying goes: "weight training is good for burning fat, but rock-hard abs are made in the kitchen." And my secrets and my new  program 
So where can you find proven, effective muscle-building information as well as the effective nutrition plans to go with them. from a proven expert? lazaro the  crazy abs A  winner champion and. Best abs BNBF. Natural physique.
Someone who doesn't 'cut corners' with injections and harmful drugs, but provides the strategies and techniques you can implement into your daily life, information provided in a simple to follow format ideal for all ability levels - at a price anyone can afford.
Fortunately, there's now a reliable source of proven, practical  tips, techniques and advice you can use to tone up, build muscle and develop training programs which help you look fitter, healthier and younger in just 2 months. In time for Summer - and the beach..
The  Six Pack Program - Fast-Track To a perfect -Ready Body
He  a master  degree in physical education, a champion and champion maker fitness expert
With a wealth of personal experience of elite level sports training and competition, lazaro  currently coaches top-class athletes across the world
The Six Pack Progam is a structured 2-month plan, which uses both evidence-based Sports Science knowledge and practical guidelines to enable you to develop and maintain bigger chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles: the key muscle groups to help you achieve that lean, ripped 'six-pack' look.
Written in simple to follow, it's the ideal progam for people of all shapes and sizes looking for greater muscle definition by the start of Summer.
Design The Kind Of Body YOU Want - WHEN You Want It

The best part? You decide which body parts you want to focus on, the parts you need to work on most, or want to look biggest first.
Once you've got the specific body part as big as you want, you simply follow our overall nutrition and muscle-maintenance guide.
It also helps you understand the physiology of your body, so you can maximize your muscle-building program and do it faster, and everything is explained in practical terms, so that each exercise program can be incorporated into your daily life.
The Six-Pack Program also includes extended sections on the crucial yet often overlooked area of nutrition - feeding your body the right foods at the right time to get the right body and muscles.
You'll even receive daily, weekly and monthly meal plans, with full details of what to eat and when, as well as the muscle-wasting foods to avoid at all costs.
Here's What You'll Discover In The  Six Pack Progam
There are two key parts to The  Progam, each designed to complement the other in building well-defined muscles, whether for sport or for looking good on the beach.: Six-Pack Nutrition And Liquids Program
While exercise is a crucial part of shifting fat to reveal your six-pack, nutrition is at least as important, if not more so. You can perform all the right exercises, but if you're pigging out on takeaways, refined sugars and other unhealthy foods, your chances of building a six-pack anytime soon are if you'll pardon the turn of phrase slim to none.
Even so, some of the best abs can be found on people who are simply naturally very lean and, more often than not, on people who seldom exercise.
Time to let you in on another dirty secret. No matter how many crunches you do, you won't magically melt fat from your abdomen. Let's face it. If spot reduction actually worked, people who ate a lot would have thin faces from all that chewing!
With all this in mind, : Six-Pack Nutrition is your starting-point for The Summer Six Pack Progam  leading sports nutrition natural physique champion and fitness expert lazaro almenares ,  provides you with the foundation exercises for building more muscle faster.
In fact,  you'll discover the only three ways to create a significant enough calorific deficit to reduce your body fat levels.
And  you'll see the four danger-signals your body gives out to anyone foolish enough to try a 'starvation diet',  even I  reveal why a shocking 98% of people fail to stick with their chosen diet for long enough to reach their fat-loss goals (it's more than just 'willpower' - proven NOT to work - so see how you can be one of the 2% who succeeds
Once you've read these 'don't-do's', the focus shifts to a broad overview of the key food groups you must consume, and how making the right nutritional choices is as important as eating a little less.
I will  reveal your ultimate fat-loss friend and why losing fat is about eating smart, not just consuming fewer calories
Plus  there's a list of the 'on the go energy-source' snacks and meals you can consume away from home, and how to build them into your six-pack building progam.
Then  the thorny issue of Carbohydrate intake is discussed. Like proteins, not all carbs are created equal, and you'll discover the 'good' and 'bad' carbs, what they do to your body - and muscles - and when, how much and where to consume them
And if you thought Carbs were supposed to be 'bad', then fats are probably the most controversial food group of all.
Not all of them are bad though, and  you'll get full details of the four types of fats to be aware of, and how can they affect your muscle-building two good - and two bad as well as 'five fat facts', a short and simple guide to what can be a complex subject.
there are full details of the best calorie-free fat-burner you'll ever use. But careful - it must be ingested in the right way, otherwise you may destroy your muscle-building capacity for good

It's not just food that gives you a six-pack. The liquids you take form as essential part of any musculature progam.
Yes, water is one of these liquids, but  there's a detailed breakdown of the positive and negative effects of Hypotonic, Isotonic and Hypertonic sports drinks, including sections on:
Do you really need them?
Are they everything they're cracked up to be?
Which sports drinks should you take if you're exercising for more - or less - than 60 minutes?
Does the sports drink provide hydration or fuel during your muscle-building exercises? And much, much more.
Getting Started
Now that you're well prepared and know all about the right food-groups and liquids, it's time take your first steps towards building your dream body.  six-pack.
But before you hit the gym or start making changes to the way you eat, you need to make sure you get everything right from Day One.
You know that MEASURING is a vital part of tracking your progress in any sporting discipline, but what exactly should you be measuring - and when?  shows you the Key Performance Indicators to follow.
, there's a simple to use activity factor chart for calculating your daily energy requirements (based on how much you exercise, and the type of body you want)
"Can I cut the calories and lose weight faster?" It's a question  clients  often ask, and uncover the facts behind the myths about cutting calories (with some surprising conclusions.)
Month One - Induction: Becoming Nutritionally Aware
The induction phase of  Six Pack Progam is designed to simply get you used to eating regularly and more healthily by making you nutritionally aware.
It's worth noting that the exercise routines area designed to complement the eating plan, and jumping ahead in this part of the progam may make the workouts less effective. and beyond, you'll get a detailed breakdown of the key food-group splits you must be aware of (PLUS: the exact weight of food - to the gram - you should take in during the various stages of the progam)
You even receive sample menu plans  together with our suggestions for how to adjust the quantities of food you consume to match your personal daily requirements and whether you eat four, five or six meals a day.
Month Two - Phase Two: Carb Aware
This section  shows you how and when to increase or decrease certain specific food groups, particularly when it comes to Carbs.
But it's not simply a case of adopting a 'full-on Atkins diet', and cutting out Carbs altogether  you'll receive a full weekly Month Two meal-plan, including what to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even pre-and-post exercise snacks (PLUS: what carb groups to eat and when.)

The meal-plans will help keep hunger at bay and keep your blood glucose levels stable. This is important for fat-burning, keeping your mind focused and making sure you have enough energy for your workouts.
You'll also see how to adjust your food and liquids intake, based on your new, lower bodyweight
 Carb Moderation
Now that your body is more carb-aware, it's time to accelerate the fat-burning phase of your progam.
However, as it's important to remember 'moderation' does not mean 'no carbs at all

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