TRX® introduces the TRX® Rip™ Trainer

The Training Company that created the Breakthrough Suspension Training® Method Adds New Training System for Developing Explosive and Rotational Power

The creators of the breakthrough TRX® Suspension Training® method have launched a new product for developing rotational power, strength and core stability all while getting an intense metabolic workout; the TRX® Rip™ Trainer.

The TRX Rip Trainer is a 40 inch training bar with an adjustable elastic resistance cord that can attach to either one or both sides. The bar collapses for easy portability and comes with a door anchor, basic training DVD and guidebook.

Created by Peter Holman, a two-time US National Tae Kwon Do champion, Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, the TRX Rip Trainer uses the variable resistance cord to constantly challenge balance, using everyday movement patterns to strengthen muscles, improve endurance, build core strength and help prevent injury.

Like the Suspension Trainer, the Rip Trainer is lightweight; weighing less than two kilograms, easy to set up, incredibly versatile, and it allows anyone at any fitness level to get a full body workout.

Randy Hetrick, Founder and CEO of TRX, says: “The Rip Trainer complements Suspension Training perfectly and is an ideal addition to our product portfolio, enabling TRX to deliver effective and efficient functional training solutions.

“We have always been much more than a single-product company, but I was only willing to add another training tool if it met our high standards for proven performance, quality and versatility; it had to be equally effective for average exercisers , elite athletes and military personnel. Integrating the Rip Trainer into our product line made perfect sense because of our shared mission to democratise world class training.”

While the TRX Suspension Trainer is a training tool that builds total body stability and strength by leveraging the user’s bodyweight through hundreds of functional exercises, the TRX Rip Trainer develops and strengthens muscles, and significantly improves levels of endurance.

As resistance cord tension loads are lower than bodyweight loads, the Rip Trainer enables users to more readily focus on speed and ballistic power. By using the TRX Rip Trainer, individuals can strengthen the muscles around the spinal cord, making them more stable and less likely to be injured.

Peter Holman, TRX Rip Trainer inventor, says: “Since we invented the Rip Trainer and brought it to market, we have watched TRX become one of the biggest innovators in the fitness industry.  Not only have they created their own category ‘Suspension Training’, but they have also maintained leadership in this category by providing the best programming, exercises, and support. We are excited about making Rip Training accessible to a broader market, and joining the TRX family definitely gives us the platform and resources to reach the perfect customer base.”

The complete line of TRX products, training programmes, education tools and accessories can be purchased directly from TRX at:
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For more information on becoming a TRX Suspension Training instructor or a Rip Trainer instructor please visit:
 www.fasterglobal.com or phone 08455 19 16 15.
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About TRX®
TRX® is the world’s preeminent producer of physical training equipment, exercise programming and education designed for trainers, health clubs, military users, fitness-minded consumers and athletes of all levels. TRX® designs and sells original products of innovative design and premium quality construction, including Suspension Training® and Rip™ Training equipment and exercise programs that are changing the way athletes train for sport, soldiers train for combat, physical therapists rehabilitate patients and exercise instructors train their clients.  The complete line of TRX® products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly from TRX® online at www.trxtraining.com.  For more information on TRX® products, education and programming, call (001 888) 878-5348 or emailinfo@trxtraining.com.
About Virgin Active Health Clubs
Virgin Active is one of the UK’s leading health club operators with 71 clubs nationwide, with  TRX currently available in 30 clubs Home to some of the most advanced exercise offerings in the world Virgin Active offers state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, innovative class offerings, toning circuits, free weights, swimming pools, indoor cycling studios and aerobic studios and prides itself on offering a vibrant exercise experience that is pristine, super-spacious, cutting-edge, and friendly. Please refer to us as Virgin Active Health Clubs, not gyms. For more information visit www.virginactive.co.uk

I will take the Rip-Trainer through its paces in the coming weeks so keep coming back for updates :)
Available online at: trxtraining.com/uk
RRP: £160
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