Ryan Shanahan -

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I started working as personal trainer at a Golds Gym when I was 15 years old ( I said I was older to get hired), Spent the next 15 years living and breathing exercise , got to meet and train a few Hollywood movie stars and professional athletes , created my own workout DVD's and know enjoy being a Husband/Dad and helping up and coming trainers make money with there passion for fitness. Basically I'm a super nice guy, until you mess with me.

1. In your experience of training what is the most crucial part of knowledge you have gained regarding being fit/inshape?

A: The knowledge and ability to 'Get Comfortable with The Uncomfortable'.

2. If there were two tips you could give to someone wanting to gain muscle what would they be?

A: Go to bed at 10 p.m and Bench Press Heavy

3. How important is the mental side of training and how can we maximise this?

A: From my experience it's very important for your mind to be focused on 'The Why' during your training. Ask yourself, Why Am I training and what is my desired outcome from the training , and be Very Specific.

4. There are so many diets out there so many different ways what is in your oppinion the best way to achieve great results through nutrition?

A: For healthy weight loss Breakfast : Eggs only , Lunch: Almond Butter Sandwich , Dinner : Chicken or Fish and Salad

For Muscle Mass , Same as above with additional Protein Shakes and Rice Cakes servings added in between the the above meals. 

5. When trying to lose body fat what would you say were paramount to the fat burning process?

A: Training wise I would say HIIT cardio training is the most effective method to strip fat off the body. Controlling your stress and getting more sleep are also keys to getting rid of that stubborn body fat around the stomach.

6. Everyone wants to look the best they can, are there any tips you can give to our readers to get them into tip top shape?

A: If you want that truly vital look, you have to cut out drugs , cigarettes , excessive alcohol and be aware of standing in Good Posture, don't slouch over like a sick dog.

7. What is your greatest achievement to date with yourself and with your clients?

A: The physical achievement I'm most proud of is , training for and participating in an MMA Cage Fight .  I think every man should enter a cage fight, it changes you.

8. How hard would you say it is to get a cover model body?

A: Hard is not the word I would use. Preperation is what gets you a cover model body.
My friend and fitness cover model Rob Riches recently stayed at my house for a week and every second of his daily regime was planned to prepare his cover model body. Waking up at 5 a.m to do empty stomach cardio, 6 a.m cooking all his meals for the day, 7 a.m Showering with a special body scrub that makes his skin glow , 11a.m into the gym for a workout , 12:30 p.m shopping for his food to eat the next day , 2p.m practice posing , 4-7 p.m Social Media and Marketing himself and then its eat and go to bed. He does this everyday without the slightest slip up, and it's this dedicated Preparation in all areas that makes him a sought after fitness cover model.

9. If there were one piece of kit you could take with you anywere what would it be?

A: I'll say a Kettlebell

10. What is the future for Ryan Shanahan? and were can our readers find you?

A: The present and the future is all about keeping it raw and real .

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