What is it?

The Rip Trainer is the new fitness tool from the TRX range.

When you recieve the Rip-Trainer you will open the carry case to find two parts.  Place one end to the other and screw them together.  Now you have created a solid and I mean solid staff that is yellow in colour with two hand grip segments allowing the user to use a multitude of different grips.  This piece of kit is really heavy duty and has a really compfy grip and feel.  At one end there is a resistance cord attatched to a metal loop, which is shrouded in a strong flexible material for comfort and safety.  At the end of the cord is a large heavy duty clip.  At the other end of the Rip trainer is another loop to which the clip can be attatched.

The Rip trainer is light enough to carry anywere and is compact especially when in the carry case.  It is the ideal tool to take and train in a location of your choice.  In the video below you can see a taster of the RIP - Trainer

I have tried the RIP-TRAINER for myself and also my gunie pig aka my sister has given it a whirl and found it to be a fun twist and to a fitness routein and its a great workout.  But if you dont want to take my word do your research and give it a go.

So home the garden the park you name it it can be placed virtually anywere.  As you can see in the video there are a multitude of exercises you can perform.  I really liked this piece of kit its a greeat addition to my arsenal. 

Personal trainers in home or on the go take a look I think is great for clients as its different fun and a great workout.  The perfect compliment to the TRX Suspension trainer.

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