So we have been through the biceps so whats got it its tricep time so here goes


The triceps are a group of muscles that can be located on the rear of the arm.  Sometimes ignored and forgotten the triceps can really fill out the arms and give a great sculpted look.  Tri - meining three, there are three heads of the triceps the Lateral, Long and Medial heads.  So if your only focusing on one exercise for the tricep mabe its time to engage different heads and see what works best for you.

Firstly a classic and a great move for one and all.
Push down and repeat

Tricep Push Downs

For this movement you will require a cable station with a high pully.  Take a V-handle attatchment and clip it onto the high cable pully.  Next standing quite close take a overhand grip on the handle and whilst keeping the elbows tucked into the body push the bar/handle down then controll back up.

Muscles Worked:

Triceps - you can utilise different handles/grips to engage different heads of the triceps

Dumbell Tricep Extension

This is a great but very challenging exercise.

You will need a bench and set of dumbells.  Right now you are set up take the dumbells and lay flat on your back with the dumbells at chest level.  Next extend the dumbells upwards, when they are in this position keep your elbows in this position and bend the arms towards the head. ( dumbells are usually held vertically in each hand).  A partner/spotter is always best to ensure good form and tempo.

Muscles worked

This movement/exercise works all three heads of the tricep equally also working multiple stabalising muscles.

Forget dipping biscuits!!!!!
Lateral/Long/Medial heads utilised

Tricep Dips - with a bench

All you require for this one is two benches positioned parallel to eachother so you can place your hands facing forward and then place the heels on the other bench so you are suspended between the two.  Now bending the arms dip your body towards the floor until you reach around 90 degrees then push back up extending the arms.  To make it easier place the legs on the floor.  To make it harder place weights on the front of the legs.

Muscles worked

Tricep group

Tricep Kickbacks

Kick - Back
Again a move usually used at the end of a workout to give a final flush of blood into the muscle.  Grab a dumbell and place your legs in a split stance one forward one back and with your free hand placed on the edge of a bench.  you should be slightly bent over.  Keeping a good nutral stance raise the elbow towards the body the dumbell facing the floor.  Next extend the dumbell back and up focus on contracting the muscle.

Muscles worked

Tricep group

Seated Bar Extension

Arnold Triceps Extensions
Done with a roap and pully
Lets take a seat but that dosent mean its gonna be easy.  Take a E-Z bar with an overhand grip and while seated extend the arms above head and with elbows fixed lower the bar behind the head then back to the start and repeat.

Muscles worked

This exercise works the triceps with a focus on the Lateral Head

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