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In this Article (part 1) we are going to go through exercises that work the arms - Spesifically the Biceps(front of the arm)

If your advanced you will know all of the following and probably utilise the moves in most of your workouts.  but if you are a brand new exerciser its time to get a little more familiar with the ins and outs :-)


The bicep group is located on the front of the arm

Firstly a classic

The barbell curl

Standing curls with the addition of a bicep isolator
This can be done in a variety of ways but we will use the streight bar as an example.  So the bar is as it says streight and you put weights of varying size on each end dependant on your own level of ability.  Then when the desired weight is loaded safly pick up the bar and when in the standing position the bar should be held with a underhand grip and arms at your sides.

Keeping your core tight bending the elbows raise the bar upwards towards the top of the shoulders then with a contrsolled motion lower to the starting position.  Repeat for the desired number of reps.


Wrist Flexors
Bicep Brachii + Brachialis

You can also vary your grip to emphasize the long or short head of the bicep

Long head = Narrow Grip
Short Head = Wide Grip
Mr Schwartznegger - Spending time with the preacher station
Fetch me a preacher???

Yes there is a move called the preacher curl.  This requires a machine or freestanding preacher curl bench. For this movement you take a seat with your elbows resting infront of you on a padded surface which is on an angle.  This move really isolated the bicep and is quite tough.  Again the movement is simple as the standing curl BUT the arms are fixed on the pad so you are less likely to cheat and swing the bar.  See the pic below


Bicep Brachii + Brachialis

Seated Dumbell Curls

Grab thyself a pair of dumbbells and take a seat.  But don't think because your seated your in for an easy ride!

Working with the dumbells allows each arm to work individually therfore ironing out any muscular imbalances.  So your sat with the dumbells ready to go.  Keeping a tight core curl them and keep the focus on every rep being controlled.  You can alternate arms or do them at the same time.  Being seated stops you gaining momentum so its difficult to cheat on this one.


Concentration is key - Arnie getting an awesome pump
Anterior Deltoid
Bicep Brachialis + Brachioradialis

This one may take some concentration ?????

Yes its in the name concentration curl

Take a seat and grab a dumbell.  This move is usually left till the last to flush the muscle with blood achieving THE PUMP.  Grab the dumbell and place your arm inbetween your legs with the elbow in-line with the knee.  Then concentrating :) curl the weight upwards.


Bicep Brachii + Brachialis

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