Remember guys and girls these exercises are for one and all so give them a go :)

So in this article were going to go through a few well known exercises for primarily the Quadriceps aka Quads (the muscles on the front upper legs).

Leg Extension-

Firstly a classical move you may have seen it in the gym the leg extension.  Ask at your local gym for an explanation of any machine you don't understand.  So this is a seated movement but don't think for one second that it is easy.  Take a seat placing your legs in the machine as shown in this pic.
Next pushing upwards contracting your quads as the weight raises and so do your legs.
Extending the legs as in the name.......leg extension

Squats -

Barbell squat by Arnold
This exercise requires a good level of fitness to perform it correctly.  You can practise firstly with your own body weight and a chair.  The best example of a squat in ADL (activity of daily living) would be sitting in a chair and standing so we utilise these muscles every day.  When utilising the squat in your programme you can begin with body weight and then add resistance such as a medicine ball held at the chest then a bar with weights.  So standing in a neutral position looking forward head up then as if taking a seat squat down breathing in making sure the knee does not go over the toes then back to the standing position breathing out on the effort.

Leg Press-

Arnold on the leg press.  You will probably find your gyms leg press is angled
Find the leg press machine in your gym and sit inside with your back against the backrest/pad.  Then place your feet on the plate in front of you keeping them relatively parallel and about four inches apart but central in conjunction to the plate.  Then grasp the safety handles at the sides push the plate upwards (as you are on an angle) and take the safety off to the side and do your desired repetitions.  You can work different muscles on the legs dependant on your feet positioning ours being close primarily works the quads.

Hack Squat-

This is much like the leg press but you are in more of a standing position with the machines cushion pads on your shoulders.  instead of pushing the plate away you push yourself up and down like the squat but in the machine. (again you will be on an angle) Be aware of feet positioning as this with dictate muscle activation.

Just a few to work with give them a try and report back :)

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