What exactly is core Stix?

Well lets go through a little background:

Core Stix started with one brilliant idea from professional Strength Coach, Mike Kadar. His vision was to create a simple and easy to use functional training device that could be used for every muscle group in the body, and which would train the body in an upright position to work the core into every exercise. Mike shared his vision with Core Stix’s other co-founder, Kregg Koch, while Mike was training the Los Angeles Kings as their Strength and Conditioning Coach. Kregg, being a patent attorney and former mechanical engineer building rocket engines for NASA’s Space Shuttle program, brought skills to the team that perfectly complemented Mike’s fitness expertise.
Many years later, Mike now living in Pittsburgh and Coaching the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Kregg still living in Manhattan Beach, CA, Core Stix is in full swing, designing and manufacturing (in the United States) some of the most effective, innovative, easiest to use, and safest equipment available anywhere in the world.

A little on Mikes history
 Founder and Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Degree in Physical Education
  • 20 year career in the Physical Fitness Industry
  • Currently the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins National Hockey League 2009 Stanley Cup Champions
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Kings from 2004 – 2008
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Gold Medal Slovenian National Team in 2007
  • Continued Nutritional Background
  • Customizes Conditioning Programs and Fitness Strategies for Professional Athletes

 Why should you use core Stix????? Well here are a few people who will give you their take. 

 Gunnar Peterson celebrity personal trainer gives us some usefull info.

Who else likes Core Stix and can reap from the benifits and results this unique machine can deliver.

Heres more:

Here we see how you can incorporate Core Stix into your boxing/MMA workout routine to add another dimention of conditioning.

Heres a small intro to metabolic conditioning view the video for more.

Mike Kadar

So much versatility and planning has gone into making this machine really worth investing in.

Pro NHL athletes are reaping the rewards

Core Stix on the news KTLA

Heres a demo of metabolic conditioning

Constantly gaining popularity in the fitness industry people are even taking group classes to see how Core Stix can help improve their daily lives or athletic performance take a look:

Testimonals anyone??? hmmm heres a few

Gunnar Peterson

          “Core Stix is one of the best fitness products I have seen hit the market in a long time!”
       Want to know more about Core Stix visit their website contact enquire and try it for yourself.

Sylvester Stallone

An actor, writer and director most recognized for the role in his own screenplay of “Rocky,” which won the Academy Award in 1976 for Best Picture. Stallone is a movie icon and a fitness expert who uses Core Stix.

Tony Martinez

“Core Stix provides a total body workout, using weighted sticks and instability to sculpt your muscles.”


“When I find a fitness toy I really like, I want to be the first to ‘get out of the box’ and create new, dynamic and fun exercises. Core Stix is by far the most versatile personal trainer out today.”

I would love to see Core Stix in more gyms in the U.K so more and more people can reap the rewards.  But its not just for the gym there are different units you can purchase to find out more please visit:


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