My name is Marina Cornwall and I am a pro bodybuilder competing with the WNBF (World Bodybuilding Federation) I am currently 7th in the world lightweight catagory weighing a mere 44kgs!!  I am both drug and polygraph tested before competition and am proud to say I have been a drug free athlete throughout my sporting career.

I have always thought I am very strong for my weight and height at 5ft tall and have always wanted to try my hand at powerlifting but never thought it would be possible after I tore my rotar cuff while bodybuilding back in 2003 which set me back somewhat.  Last year I was working on my sponsor stand CNP we were exhibiting at the Excel in London.  Our stand was near the world strongest man championships.  I was facinated at the events an diciplines and thought to myself I am going to have a go at powerlifting!!  But at the same time I was concerned wether my shoulder would withstand the dicipline of the Bench Press.
When I returned to southampton I searched on the web and found the GBPF powerlifting site which drug tested their athletes so I was more than happy.  I needed to find the best coach and athlete in the sport and I found Dean Bowring a world champion whos titles were so impressive and too numerous to mention, I wanted the best and I found him.
Dean asked me how could he help to which I said I want to compete in power lifting.  Within 4 weeks Dean had got me up to a good enough level to be able to do the SE Division qualifying championships in Dover. 
I was so nervous and apprehensive as Dean could not be with me he was competing in the European championships, but he was so kind as he rang through to the SE to inform them I was coming and to take care of me and help me with what to do.

It was horrible because I was the lightest in my catagorie which meant I was the first one up on the stage.  My legs were shaking as I thought there would be someone before me so I could see what I was expected to do.  Well I was nearly disqualified from the start as I was used to working on my own in the gym without Dean so I was used to putting the squat rack back myself and I had stepped forward until waiting for the signal Rack for the spotter to help me!! Phew they let it go and explained to me I shouldn't do it again.  Luckily I won my weight catagory which meant that I got through to the British Championships in coventry in July.  I needed a total of 190kgs and achieved 205kgs, yipppeeeee.......  I have to say that I absolutley love all the powerlifting coaches and team as they were so helpful and nice they made me feel so welcome in my first comp and this was so different from the bodybuilding scene where people could seem vein and not so helpful/nice.

I really enjoyed the powerlifting competition people were so nice to eachother even though sometimes they were up against eachother.
I possibly need to explain how the scores are made up.  Firstly there are three diciplines which are made up of:
Which consists of 9 lifts, 3 of each of the above and the best lift is counted as your score.  there are also two branches:
Equipt - which you are allowed a squat suit knee wraps and a bench shirt.  this aids the lifter to lift more weight. 
Un-equipt (Raw) meaning no aids which is how I compete.  After the British finals i was invited to compete at the EPF at the European championships in Holland which was an equipped comp so I was at a dis-advantage.   Never the less I placed third.  This got me an invitation to the commonwealth championships at Bournmouth university in Dec 2011 were I won five gold medals and broke all current commonwealth records.

I had just returned from Sweden were I competed in the World classic cup (Raw)  powerlifting with the IPF this is the first time ever the agency has held a Raw competition and this was at the request of tlift athletes. 

I am now fith in the IPF championships,  I performed a PB in Deadlifting of 175.5kgs and totaled 273.5kgs for my three lifts. 

Watch this space for mighty mouse Marina or little pocket rocket as i am called too.
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