I have been a sufferer of Eczema for years and it took me time to get used to the remedies and knowing how to combat this condition.

Now I know there are many different types of Eczema and you should always consult your doctor before trying any of the following so get yourself for a check up and get info on the condition you have.

What is it?

Eczema is an itchy irritation of the skin which has become dried red and thicker in certain places.  It can occur anywhere on the body but common sites include

  • face
  • hands
  • elbows
  • knees
  • scalp

Ezcema runs in families and can be triggered off at any time in different environments so be cautious and take note of when your Ezcema flairs up it can be like a slight allergic reaction.

When I consulted my GP I was given a steroid cream to help with the inflammation which is very common in Ezcema sufferers.

There are a few things you can do to help reduce symptoms look below:

Diet is a massive factor in the way we function grow and develop and can aid in soothing Ezcema symptoms.  So re-evaluate your current eating habits.  Drink plenty of fluids to keep your skin full and hydrated.  Next factor in some healthy fish oils and get a wide range of nutrients by eating a healthy varied diet.

Try changing your washing powder - a friend of mine has Ezcema too which was triggered by a specific washing powder he simply changed the powder and the irritation was dramatically reduced.

Rosehip - is an anti-inflammatory supplement which helps to stop inflammation.  Also pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds which can really assist in reducing inflammation as they contain fats such as ALA (alpha-linoleic acid)  an aid in anti-inflammation.

Create a skin care regime suited to your skin type and keep in mind of any environmental reactions you may have.  As I say consult a specialist first.

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