Do you suffer from lack of sleep and find it hard to relax? scroll down and read on :)

Approximately out of four people have trouble with none sleeping issues and it can be a real problem that causes distress in mind and body.  Now I am not talking about the odd sleepless night im talking about constantly not being able to get the sleep you need to function.  So you step back to evaluate things and usually worry stress and anxiety are the main causes.  You should always consult a medical professional to re-assure yourself and get advice. 

There has been research into various methods on sleeplessness or insomnia to which people have reported that aided them to gain a much better or regular sleeping pattern.  Below I will mention a few but be aware that you should be advised to seek medical advice before trying any.

Firstly your lifestyle and exercise regime can have a monumental impact on your sleep.  If you don't exercise and don't get a balanced diet covering a wide nutrient base your sleep can suffer due to this.  To amplify chances of a better sleep look into your diet and begin a regular exercise pattern and try to up your ADLs (activities of daily living) exercise can really help the body to give up the pent energy so you are able to wind down and sleep :)

Another tip is to lower your caffeine intake and any other stimulants that you are consuming as this will help calm you and regulate your bodily systems.

Relaxation/meditation - can be useful in teaching the body to be calm and function at a much more relaxed level/state.

Get into the habit or should I say pre-bed routine where you wind down before bed to prepare your body for sleep - read a book

Herbal/teas have helped many in getting a good nights rest there are

lemon balm
All the above have been used to help calm and settle many people so give them a try do your research and remember if one thing dosent work immediately don't despare keep trying until you find what works for you.

So don't be dog tired try the above and consult your doctor so you can get some well deserved sleep

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