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In today's hectic society it is becoming more and more difficult to wind down and relax.  The constant thoughts buzzing around your mind occupying your every moment and thought.

We have forgotten how to take time out to rest,relax and recuperate, there is always something winding us up when what we really need is to wind down.  Lets get the 'you' time back.

So what is relaxation?

Relaxation is the mind and body's way of releasing tensions that are brought on throughout your day.  When the tension is so high the body begins to release adrenaline making you feel tense anxious nervous etc. There are different levels of tension some are mild where we can just calm down and let them pass, but others work us up into a state of panic activating our good old fight or flight adrenaline response (which is helpful if in any kind of danger) which in certain situations can be helpful but we don't want to be in this state constantly that's why if you get worked up you can learn to control this and relax.

Heres a few things relaxation helps with -

Improves sleeping patterns

Reduces aches and pains
Crank up the tunes

Boosts your confidence levels

Helps take tension out of a relationship

Makes everyday life comfortable and enjoyable

So what can we do to reduce our level of tension?

There are a variety of different methods/techniques you can use to combat your tension and become more relaxed here are a few -

Meditation - A technique used for many many years

Mindfulness - Taking control of your mind and body to really feel/experience every moment and really focus

Alexander Technique - Focusing in on your posture to promote mental and physical wellbeing

Yoga - for all fitness levels yoga is great exercise for mind and body and when in a class is great for social interaction

Music - Crank up the feel good tunes

Exercise - a fantastic way to release pent up energy and feel good.

Aroma Thearapy - Engaging the senses to bring calm to the body.

Hobby - relax by doing what you enjoy :)

Just a few for you to look up and try out what works best for you :)

There are many different views and opinions on how the individual is to individually relax.  So everyone is different and different methods come into play and what works for one may not work for another.  So don't get bogged down if the first thing you do does not work for you try alternatives.

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