The awesome people at ArmPocket have sent me one of their products to test/trial and review so lets see how this goes.

What is Arm Pocket?

The ArmPocket has been developed by a team of athletes.  After their research and testing they came up with a product that that went through rigorous testing and improvements for three years.  They considered other device elements such as:

  • Hip carrying
  • Belts
  • Straps
  • Key carrying
  • Phone/mobile devices
  • multi pocket running shirts + shorts
  • Back packs
  • Energy bars
  • Car keys

So they tried and tested a multitude of products and came up with the ArmPocket which is:

  • Water resistant
  • Touch control screen
  • Memory foam
  • Vented strap
  • Durable construction
  • Machine washable
  • Eco - friendly

A lot of interesting features but can the ArmPocket live up to all its ultimate armband elements????

Heres a few pics to show you more:

The arm strap fits perfectly and is very comfortable.  The memory foam really does make a snug fit against the arm.

I have used the ArmPocket for a while now it just makes things go smoother so you can focus on your workout.  Having a product that allows you to get on with your training without worrying over money keys cards dog bags is always going to be a thumbs up in my book.  I go running a lot not only for my benefit but for the benefit of my dog who loves running and has bundles of energy.

Material is very easy on the skin and does not move whilst you are in motion so no fiddling which is always a bonus

They come in a multitude of colours/specs to suit you.  I went running in the rain and all the contents were all dry.

The design is very detailed throughout and functions fantastically.  You can feel the quality and durability the minute you pick it up.

I had no problem with the strap no tricky Velcro nipping my skin like you get with some arm straps.

Plenty of room for most items when training look at the pic below

Here I have my business cards, keys, phone and dog bags which all fit comfortably with room for money if I needed.  Its handy if your a PT on the move and carry business cards simply zip open and had them out!

The front screen works well I didn't have to remove my phone to activate the touch screen.

I had my dad and sister wear it to get their feedback and they were pleased with its functionality and easy usage.  My sister used her i Phone 4s and said it was great when she worked out as she is an avid runner.

There is a little Velcro strap on the side to secure your headphones which can be plugged in at the bottom of the pouch 

All in all I found the ArmPocket to be superior and easy to use.  There is nothing better than not needing to worry about carrying your keys/phone etc and juggling while running just pop them in there and your well on your way as simple as that.
Give them a visit and get yours at:

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