Why are nutritionists changing their mind all the time? My father asked, adding 

“I just eat what I want because what’s good and bad keeps changing”.

The above statements are right, and dead wrong in another.

The difference lies in the popular opinions versus the hard research.

Take vegetable oils and margarine - we are told they are polyunsaturated, they will lower our cholesterol and are heart healthy, as well as overall good for you.

Truth is they do lower cholesterol in the blood and they are polyunsaturated. Truth is also that vegetable oils and margarine are terrible for our health and have increased our mortality, while lowering our blood cholesterol.

Personally, I’d rather be alive and healthy than a cadaver with low cholesterol in their blood.
So who is to blame? Why are we average Canadians misinformed by our magazines, our education system, the Heart Association, and our very own Food Guide?

Inertia and intellectual laziness from those who should know better, as well as a conspiracy, yes I said it; a conspiracy to misinform us and have us buy very profitable vegetable oils (canola being the worst) and margarine (Becel being as bad as any other garbage margarine). Margarine and Vaseline are in the same class in my opinion; refined oils that have no place in the human body.

Still think vegetable oils, especially canola, and margarine is safe and maybe even good for you?
-trans fat in fresh raw grocery store canola oil “Journal of Food Lipids 1994;1:165-176”
-trans fat in all margarines tested, including Becel “Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1993) 2, 155-163”
-PAH fats rampant in Becel (poly aromatic hydrocarbon fats, which are actually worse than trans fats) “Swedish Consumer Coalition (2003), open letter re; private lab findings to the Swedish National Food Administration”

-vegetable oil consumption causes macular degeneration, allergies and asthma in humans “Archives in Ophthalmology Aug 2000; 119:1191-1199”, “Allergy 2001;56:425-428”, “Thorax 2001 Haby, M. M. et al Vol 56, p 589”

-men consuming margarine had twice as much heart disease as men consuming butter “Nutrition Week Mar 22, 1991 21:12:2-3”

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