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There are so many approaches to working out and the minute I mention working out 90% of people think of the gym and sweaty bodies treadmills weights etc.

But in this article we are going to talk about giving your confidence a workout.

It has taken me time to build my confidence but I found acting and this for me was the key to unlocking my confidence and creative spirit.

When I was a child I never ever used to say a word to anyone I was the shy fat kid who sat at the back. The one who you thought would burst into tears if you spoke to him.  This is how I was until I were 10 years old. I would stay in not go out and keep to myself.

Then I looked at my heros from theater film television and my heart began to beat.  A production of Sweeney Tod was to be made and I wanted to audition for the main role.

The headteacher said i'm not sure he said to my mum I really don't know if Liam would be right for this I don't want to upset him he's so timid.

Don't give up!!!!
The auditions drew closer and I took a leap and with the passion of creativity and acting raging in my heart I got up there and gave it my all.

The headteacher stood as did all the kids and teacher with mouths wide open when I finished my audition
There was a long silence and my heart waited for a response beating throughout my chest then a single clap lead to a full on applause.  I got the role I felt amazing alive and full of energy.

Having confidence will open up a vast variety of new and bright paths in your life.  Confidence enables you to take up new activities/challenges and makes you believe in your ability to do so.  I found the match that lit my passion and you can find yours too!!!

We lose confidence when we don't stimulate our confidence muscles which then has a negative effect and fear sets in, doubt takes president and we worry we are going to fail or cant do the things we truly want to.
Losing confidence can be detrimental to your everyday life and well-being as it disables your ability to take part in activities such as:
  • Refusal to go to social situations due to fear of rejection
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Fears of phone calls as you think you may say something wrong
  • Not going for the job you wanted because you feel you can't
  • Scared to talk to others in case you say something wrong
  • Stops you being active
When confidence declines fear takes over and fear loves to feed on more fear and so you get caught in a whirlwind of fear and doubt in your abilities to do and you concern yourself in what you cant do.

SO SO what can we do to get out of this repetitive cycle and live life how we intend to feeling proud and confident of who you are and the abilities you wish to apply to your chosen situation.

Finding what makes you feel good 
We need to take action and I know sometimes it is easier said than done that's why we need to create an environment that allows us to function so try the following:
  • Organize your home so it is tidy and imagine yourself cleaning the doubt in your mind as you clean your home
  • Regulate your diet giving your body all it needs to function correctly and efficiently 
  • Let your family and friends help you
  • Take time to relax try meditation or a soothing bath
  • Treat yourself once in a while
  • Watch something funny
  • Take care of your appearance and look after yourself
Small changes will allow you to open up the doors to building that confidence back up.  

Firstly we want to try and get you a support system in place, that's where family and friends come in handy, if you can get your family and friends to support you in your quest to build your confidence that's great.  Tell them your intentions 

Step 1

Learn to say NO to people with out feeling guilty.  This for many people is very difficult when it is so easy to say yes sticking to the status-quo and letting other people take your time doing things you don't want to do. You need to do what you want to do and feel good about doing it and making a solid decision that will make you guilt free.

Find what makes your heart pump with life!!!
This will take time to get used to just like any other behavior at first it may seem quite difficult to do but not impossible.

Step 2

Every week make an effort to get out of the house and go for a walk.  This will allow you to get out of your comfort zone were you will come across people and get used to being in the same proximity.  A bonus here is topping up your exercise and vitamin D levels which make you feel better.

Step 3

Make a call every week to a member of your family or a friend and make the effort to hold a conversation with them for at least 10 minutes even if you only listen 90% of the time you are assimilating to the situation and socially interacting too.  After the weeks role by you will get used to your weekly calls and should make an effort to bring up a certain subject and talk more and more.

Step 4

Make a list of your successful points and the positives you have achieved and see how you can amplify your positive qualities to override that nagging negativity.  Look at all the good in your life and be thankful for what you have instead of what you don't.  Making you confident and happy is your prime objective so it makes sense to focus on the positive elements. 

Step 5

Ready for the next level - organize an outing with a small group of family and or friends go to the cinema or for a walk this will ease you into a social and friendly environment allowing you to feel comfortable in a fun situation.

Step 6

Let the confidence flow!!!
Look at your diet and make small changes eating mood enhancing good wholesome foods that will assist your body and mind into a positive state of being allowing you to feel fresh and energized ready to take on life's challenges.

Step 7

Start a physical activity/exercise programme - something as simple as walking or working out at home.  Making your body fit makes you feel more capable of doing what you want and need to do.  Ready to take on more and more challenges.  Plus its good for the mind and body.

Step 8

Keep a diary throughout your confidence quest so you can reflect on how far you have come note everything your feelings your progress and transformation.

These are a few steps you can use to help boost your confidence and build up self esteem.  Don't be afraid and remember it takes time its a journey not a destination you will always grow develop and thrive.  Believe in yourself and be persistently consistent throughout life strive for what you need.

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