Lets look at the muscles of the body.

Muscles are another fantastic feature of the body and we will look at what the purpose of these muscles are.

So we usually refer to the two attachments of a muscle as

  • The origin - which is were the muscle originates
  • The insertion - which at the other end of the muscle or away from its center

Here is a diagram of the human muscular system. You may have heard of a few of the muscles. As with the skeleton revise these major muscles then test yourself.

This diagram is very basic but helps you get your bearings.

When you are ready to look into more detail take a gander at the following diagram:

There are three major types of muscle which are:

  1. Visceral - which can be found inside of organs intestines and blood vessels.  This type of tissue is the weakest out of the three types and helps unconscious/involuntary or uncontrolled by you and controlled by the unconscious part of the brain to maintain bodily functions.

  1. Cardiac - found in the heart the Cardiac muscle is responsible for the pumping of blood throughout the body. (the heart)

  1. Skeletal - which is controlled by your conscious brain these muscles facilitate our movement allowing us to walk turn bend etc.


  1. TYPE 1 - these fibers contract very slowly producing a resistance against fatigue so they help sustained periods of movements utilizing the aerobic energy system.  An example would be allowing you to stay stood for longer periods.
  1. TYPE 2 - these fibers can be broken down into type 2 A & 2B so -
  • 2A - faster and stronger than type 1 without as much endurance/sustainability  but also assist in activities such as walking/standing
  • 2B - are at the opposite end of the scale they do not favor stamina based activity they are more tuned to the creation of speed and strength.

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