An intro to the back:

We cant forget to train the back!!!

Many people focus heavily on the front/mirror muscles and tend to neglect others so don't leave out the back balance up that physique.

Lets look at the some movements for the back muscles.

Deadlifts - this is a fantastic movement  - a deadlift is were you are picking up a dead weight from the ground and raising to standing position.  This requires excellent form to complete correctly so if your thinking of whether to add deadlifts to your routine get an experienced trainer to show you how.  There are many different variations of this lifts such as: Sumo deadlift, Stiff legged and the list goes on.

Machine row - done by using a pully or a machine you pull the resistance towards you and slowly return & repeat.

Wide chins
- like in the pic to the left you pull up and lower yourself.  Such a great move but takes a good level of fitness to perform.  Monkey around and try different grips.

Pull downs - if you cant quite manage a wide pull up go for the pull down machine which will assist you in building additional strength so you can perform the pull ups.
These are but a few movements a mere taster so do your research and get a trainer to show you the correct form/movement

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