There are more exercises than you think to create dynamite calf muscles so lets look at a few classics.

Standing raises - these take only bodyweight - simply raise onto your tip toes and lower - repeat.

Donkey calf raises - you can see arnold performing donkey calf raises in the pic to the left side, he is assisted by not one but two friends.

Machine assisted standing calf raises - here you see Arnold performing the standing raises via machine.

Smith machine calf raises + block of wood - for this move find the smith machine and do the same as the calf machine to the side but use the bar and block of wood for the toes so you can get that extra stretch.

Seated machine raises
- take a seat place the pad onto the knees and do the calf raises in a sitting position.
A few moves to sink your calves into!!!


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    1. Hi - thank you for your comment it is much appreciated - the products I have tried and tested are all assured by the companies that sell the. By this I mean they assured me they are quality products and serve their purpose. I always do a little research into the products and companies so that I am providing readers with the best information possible. As for cost effective - in my opinion because of the high quality I find them to be more cost effective and beneficial - rather than buying cheap low quality products that only do half of the job. Alternative products do exist but it is down to personal preference and research.


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