There are so many ways you can make a workout even on holiday!!!  

Me and my brother were itching to workout when we were on holiday in Sweden.

We like to be creative and looked around for some naturalistic tools to utilize to get workout in.

The location was a wooden house/cabin in Sweden surrounded by thick woods, no fancy GYM here so we made our own.

Since we had eachother to spot we were safe to try out a few things - as you can see in the pics we created our own bench press with two log seats a great workout for the chest - THE LOG BENCH PRESS!!!

There was also a boat so off we went for a 30 minute row which was really great exercise and kept us thinking/co-ordinated/working as a team to steer.

We also found more logs to so shoulder presses, clean and presses bicep curls & throws.

There was a big lake next to the house good for swimming but absolutely freezing!!!!!!!

Never forgetting that we had our own bodyweight too we would do fire mans carry, press ups and much much more.  So don't be discouraged get active make your own fun!!!

We were really active all day long it was a great holiday.

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