A little taste:

Today we look at moves that focus on the shoulders.  Here you can see Arnold demonstrating how its done.  So lets look at the moves.  

Firstly a classic the seated shoulder press - for this movement you can use a bar or an alternative such as dumbbells.  Like Arnold is in the picture press the weight above and lower back to the start.  Good to have a spotter!!!

In this example Arnold is performing a lying lateral raise - this is were you lay on a flat surface and raise the weight upwards then lower and repeat.

Bring in the machines!!! Here you see Arnold performing a cable lateral raise using the resistance of the machine to keep constant tension on the working muscles

The classical lateral raise - this can be done in a multitude of ways but in this example we are talking about the standing lateral raise.  To perform this movement grab a pair of dumbells and raise them up to the sides as Arnold is demonstrating.
As I say this is but a taster but keep your eyes out for more and don't forget do your research get someone to demonstrate correct form and techniques

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