In out everyday lives its possible to amplify calorie burn by grabbing an additional workout so what can you do?  Here are a few options.

Make a change to your usual routine:

Bike it to work or town if possible - a great alternative mode of transport which help you save bus fare and fuel too!!! 

Taking a walk to work!!!

Take the stairs - don't let a machine do all the work elevators, escalators so easy - let you your own machine do the work!!!

Walk to work - a fantastic form of exercise plus your getting fresh air and a nice dose of vit D!!! 

Pick up your pace - varying your pace helps get the blood flowing and heart pumping - making your machine more reliable.

Take the stairs two at a time if possible - nice big movements engage more muscle in turn more calorie burn.

If you work in an office try standing while you work - standing also shifts the metabolic rate - little things!!!!

Here are just a few things you can do to amplify that calorie burn.

Its just a matter of working small changes into your daily routine which will in turn help you become more physically active.

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