By now i'm sure you have all seen Hugh Jackman's famous Deadlifting picure that he posted and some may have wondered why???  Well lets talk about the lift and see how its been round since the stone age and why it has survived throughout the ages into the modern day.

WHAT - the Deadlift is a movement were you pick up a dead weight from the ground to a standing position.

WHY - with this classical compound movement you will hit a wide multitude of muscle fibers virtually more than any other exercise.  So thats why this lift is fantastic engaging so much muscle and ramping up the calorie burn!!!

When you need to get in Wolverine shape you godda pull something special out of the bag!!!


  1. STANCE - stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart and back in a neutral spine position.   Keep the feet in a parallel throughout.
  2. GRIP - there are a few grips to try but we will keep to the basics.  Grab the bar with a overhand grip arms slightly wider than the legs.
  3. MOVEMENT - raise your torso whilst at the same time straightening your legs so you are coming into an upright position.  The shoulders and hips are in conjunction with each other coming up at the same speed.
  4. EXTENSION - stick out your chest and keep shoulders back whilst keeping your abs tight to ensure maximum muscular usage.
Here we see two former Mr Olympias Arnold and Franco performing the Deadlift. 

Here are a few extra tips:

  • Strap up - lifting straps can be a great assistance in the deadlift securing your grip.
  • Chalk it up - finding problems with grip try a little chalk.
  • Grip - try a over and under hand grip so one over one under.

A word of caution - if you have never done Deadlifts before please be careful and make sure you do them with correct form before piling on the weight.  Ask a friend in the kno or a trainer to guid you through it.

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