I have been asked if I would do a little article on bench press so here it is.  The bench press is a classic movement that when done correctly can yield fantastic results to sculpt the upper body.  So lets go.....

Equipment required:
  1. Bench or floor
  2. Barbell or dumbells
In the picture you can see me in at my home in my little conservatory where I have created a workout area.

I have a bench and squat rack combination. I am using a standard bar to demonstrate the exercise also.

Here you can see I have layed down on a flat bench and am preparing to lift the bar from the latches.

After you are in the ready position make sure your comfortable and feel solid and confident to perform the movement.  (Always good to have someone spot you or if you have never bench pressed get a trainer to take you through the motion).

Lower the bar towards the central chest then press back up to the original starting position and repeat for your desired repetitions.

 Here I have inclined the bench and am performing the exercise so it will transfer the muscular activation slightly to my upper chest.  It is good to engage as much muscle fibers as possible.  You can experiment with the different angles by changing the positioning on the bench.  You will see people using incline flat and decline benches.

Another way to change activation and shift focus slightly is to change your hand position.  Here you see I have used a reverse grip this will activate the upper chest more.

Here is a closer grip which will bring your Triceps into action.

The above can all be replicated with dumbells which will work both arms independently.  You can also perform the movement on the floor but you wont get the same range of motion as the elbows will stop at the floor.

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