When you quest is to gain additional muscle, improve fitness or decrease fat -  you need to take different points into account that could just give you that extra spark you need.

I always say everyone is individual and what works for one may not for another so tweaking your programme can maximize your gains.   If your stuck in a rut with your rotein try the following tips.
  • Do compound moves that cover a multitude of muscle fibers - Bench press - Squat - Deadlift 
  • Take note of your stance as this shifts the emphasis of muscular activation.
  • Level - changing the level as in standing/seated can work the muscles more intensivly
  • Equipment choice - change up the resistance you use as this creates a slightly different stimulus for the muscle.
  • Incorporate a new routein - is your plan stale and you have been doing the same thing for over 3-6 months then switch it up.
  • Record your results - keeping a track of your progress will allow you to know the areas which need work and it will allow you to best what you did last workout.
  • Throw an advanced technique into the mix - doing a superset will really challange you and your muscles
  • Get your diet in check - you may be training like a spartan but not eating like one.  Eat good clean foods making sure you get your fill of calories to support your goals.  Do a food diary then re-asses where you can alter your eating to maximize your gains.
  • Get a good training partner - having a great training partner can boost your confidence on your lifts and help you push through your barriers.
  • Crank up the tunes - by using motivational music you will be more likely to persist and enjoy your workouts.
  • Incorporate sprinting - this is a great way to maximize fitness and calorie burn.
All you need to do to maximize your goals whether it be level up muscle downsize fat is to self evaluate tweak and implement smart changes.

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