So I have had a few of you request information on the Ketogenic/Keto diet.

In my quest to find the latest knowledge/research I came across an expert called Stephanie Person.

After watching her very inspirational/motivational/informative Youtube channel I got in-touch and she has allowed me to post some of her material.

Here is an exert from her site:

Stephanie first heard of the Keto diet from bodybuilders.

"My low carb, high consulting credentials are completely self-taught.
I started educating myself regarding keto adaptation by trying to drive ketosis in my mother suffering from a terminal glioblastoma brain tumor. They gave her 6 months to live which prompted me to take an aggressive approach to slow cancer growth.

I dramatically lowered her carbohydrate intake and raised her dietary fats exponentially.

Immediately my mother’s cancer growth stopped. She is now in her 7th year of being cancer free

The diet produced great success for her mother.
After my mother’s cancer remission from a low carb high fat diet prescription I then was ready to apply nutritional ketosis principles on myself.  With success I was able to enter and maintain ketosis with incredible health improvements.
After experiencing the incredible benefits of ketosis myself, I applied low carb, high fat principles on close friends/clients at the same time.

The success stories of better health continued in people around me. My next approach was my personal training clients.

In a 2 year time period I was able to keto coach 8 subjects with 100% improvement in their weight loss goals.
Today I have keto coached 284 + clients nearly at 300!!! with amazing results.

I set up a live consultation with the individual. I then find out what their goals are in trying to keto adapt, all health issues and prior failures in attempting to keto adapt on their own.

The main concept I approach with importance to client is how stress plays as role in their failure to keto adapt.
I have been able to collect and study keto adaptation failures and success by my ongoing keto coaching and research practices. I continue spreading the word and educating the benefits of ketosis to people from all ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender and moral principles. I keep constant contact with my clients before during and after consultations to help support this emerging movement of people wanting to improve their health."

Her research and knowledge is constantly evolving and Stephanie considers herself a scientist of this field.

Detoxification is an important element to consider!!!

Fix that leaky gut!!!

Her experience and constant understanding of the Ketogenic idea is definatley an area you should research so watch her videos and keep an eye out for her updates.

There is so much to learn!!!!!

Watch the videos to find out more:

Stephanie can answer all you need to know and also offers various coaching packages to get you where you need to go.  Look at the following link to get more information:

To find out more on Stephanie you can give her site a visit at:

All in the diet!!!

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H4H would like to thank Stephanie for her knowledge and contribution to the site.  Remember to give her a visit on Youtube by clicking below:

Stephanies Youtube Channel

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