Six Pack

Sit ups are all you need right?


Many people believe that this is all they have to do in order to get their desired look but in actual fact, you will never build abs this way because it is controlled by the hip flexor muscles, NOT the abs.  So get this idea out of your head to start with!

Doing exercises such as the bridge, side jack knifes, side bridges, Russian twists with a medicine ball, Swiss ball crunches and V-crunches will work the abdominal region intensely and you will hit all of your abdominal muscles, guaranteed.

You could also do compound movements (engaging and stabilising your core) such as, military press, dead lifts, squats and the bench press.  Whenever you do any of these movements your body will have to do its best to stabilise itself and it does so by using these ‘Core muscles’.  Performing Olympic style moves, your body will be forced to utilise a multitude of muscles and more than work your core intensively.

I bet you constantly ask yourself why you can’t see yours, well its simple really; it’s hiding under that layer of fat.  Unfortunately, if you have excess fat then this will definitely prevent you from seeing it.  You need to burn your ‘belly fat’ away with a strategic plan of resistance training, cardiovascular training, good nutrition and plenty of rest.  These are the key corner stones to focus on to get to where you want to be.   Many people focus on just one corner stone and forget the others and they do what they've always done, so they get what they've always got.  So by optimising and tweaking each variable you can work out what works best for you, as we are all unique and what works for one, may not work for another.

Here are a few tips to uncovering that ‘dynamite abs look’

  • Do compound movements
  • Incorporate interval training – short bursts of activity followed by rest periods (sprint on treadmill for 30secs and recover for 1min or 2 and then sprint again)
  • Optimise your nutrition by making sure your body has the correct supply of fuels that will nourish and repair instead of being low in nutrients and high in sugars
  • Create a sleep pattern that enables you to get at least 7 hours sleep per night – so turn the TV off, read and book and drop off to sleep naturally.

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